San Diego State Evening of Professional Development

On October 16, we hosted our second annual Evening of Professional Development. This event included a career fair, a networking dinner, and a keynote speaker. This year we welcomed 8 companies including 2 returning companies from last year. Northrop Grumman, General Atomics, UTC Aerospace Systems, Rick Engineering, Nordson Asymtek, Teledyne, and Arrow Electronics were all in attendance. Our keynote speaker, Goranka Bjedov, from Facebook, gave an inspiring and informative speech. Over 90 engineering students joined us the night’s events. Students had the opportunity to speak with all company representatives during the career fair; they then were able to sit with a company of their choice during dinner.

To advertise our event, SWE officers made announcements in classes, sent out emails through blackboard, and posted fliers around campus. We sold tickets during general body meetings, during our office hours, and between classes. Once students purchased a ticket, they were given instructions on how to submit their resume. We gathered over 90 resumes and put them on CDs that were distributed to every company representative.

We held EPD 2013 in the Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center and EPD 2014 in the, much larger, Montezuma Hall of the new Aztec Student Union. Both EPD 2013 and 2014 were sold out. Feedback surveys were sent out to students and company representatives to find out areas we could improve for next year and areas we did well. We are already excitedly planning for EPD 2015.

- Natalie Best, San Diego State

CSULB – Women Engineers at the Beach Day

October 10th was CSULB SWE’s annual event, Women Engineers at the Beach Day. A handful of different local high schools came to visit our campus and had the valuable opportunity to explore the college of engineering.

The day consisted of speeches from our inspiring keynote speakers, including the Dean of Engineering, Dr. Forouzan Golshani, and the CEO of G2 Software Systems, Georgia Griffiths. The high school students got to meet faculty from multiple disciplines and visit the different facilities, such as the rocket lab, rollercoaster lab and chemical engineering lab. We hope the students were able to take advantage of this unique experience.

The event was a huge success, thanks to our SWE officers, fellow engineering orgs, and engineering faculty. We hope to continue to serve the community and motivate young aspiring engineers. Keep on the lookout for our next big outreach event, Engineering Girls at the Beach in Spring 2015!

- Marianne Gonzalez, Cal State Long Beach

UCLA Enormous Activities Fair

During the first week of Fall quarter, or “0 week,” undergraduate students typically attend the Enormous Activities Fair, an event for exploring hundreds of student groups at our school. The SWE-UCLA chapter was there! We set up our poster board on a table, printed flyers explaining the benefits of becoming involved in SWE-UCLA, and provided an opportunity for interested undergraduates to sign up for our email list which allows people to obtain information about our events. SWE-UCLA executive board officers collectively interacted with hundreds of potential new members by handing out flyers, informing people of our first general meeting, and explaining the various aspects of SWE-UCLA including professional development, outreach, and social events. Approximately 130 people signed up for our email list, which indicates a high interest level in SWE-UCLA amongst new and continuing undergraduates! Despite the hot sun, bustling activity, and enormous amounts of people, many engineering and science students–both women and men–took the first step in getting involved in SWE.

- Christina Daniel, UCLA

Refocusing SWE at Embry Riddle to Help Growth

In past years, the Society of Women Engineers at the Embry-Riddle campus has been pretty small. We have a small campus (roughly 1,800) and the membership always averaged about 7 regular members. In order to be a successful organization, ERAU SWE needed a change. This past year, the ERAU SWE Board revamped their mission and goals. Instead of focusing on planning events for the community, they first wanted the organization to focus on growing internally.

Along with having our first male ERAU SWE President, the organization also began sub-committees. The three main focuses of the organization had become: research, competition, and outreach. The majority of the members had joined the research or competition committees hoping to learn more in their areas of interest. This was extremely beneficial to the freshman, who would not normally be given hands-on experience until their junior years. By the end of last year, the organization 15 regular members.

Having these goals had helped the few members of SWE focus on areas of growth instead of trying to accomplish what large SWE organizations can achieve on large campuses. The ERAU SWE board believed that having an organization with clearly defined goals will then translate to being able to help the community. This can be seen by starting off the year strong with 30 students, both male and female, attending every meeting. While it may not be much to large campuses, to the small Embry-Riddle campus with time-consuming classes, this is a step in the right direction.

- Dadija Bliudzius, ERUA

President’s Call this morning

Hello SWE ladies,

We had a problem with our conference call this morning.  The RCRs apologize for this problem and will work to prevent it from happening again.  Due to this issue, we will be giving all sections points for attendance.  The passcode for the survey is sleep, in case you want to fill it out, but everyone will receive points.

I have attached the slides that I went through at approximately 11:30 pm after learning about this issue with the call.  You can find them here, and presidents will receive an email of the slides and an additionally apology.

Our upcoming calls, all at 10 am Pacific Time (11 am Mountain) will be:

  • November 16
  • December 21
  • January 18
  • February 15
  • March 15
  • April 19
  • May 17

Again, we sincerely apologize for this issue, and we hope to see all of your sections at Annual Conference, in the Region B meeting, Thursday from 12:45 to 3:45 in Room 406A at the LA Convention Center.  We will be taking attendance around 2:50 pm, during the Collegiate only portion of the meeting.

Thank you for your understanding, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns,

Region B Collegiate Team.


WE14 – SWE Annual Conference

This month’s hot topic is the buzz about annual conference: WE14!

What is annual conference?  Annual conference is a society-wide SWE meeting.  It includes a career fair, hundreds of talks and presentations, socials, dinners, and more.  It’s a great chance to network, to find that job or internship you’ve been dreaming of, and to learn tons of new information, from outreach goals to technical tips.

This year, annual conference will be held in Los Angelos, October 22-23.  WE14 will kick off with the iScream social, with a costume contest and Halloween treats.  Thursday is chock full of sessions and awesome opportunities, include the collegiate welcome lunch, the region meetings, the opening ceremony, and the career fair kick-off. Friday continues with even more sessions, the career fair in full swing, and the collegiate leaders reception.  Saturday marks the last day of the conference, with more sessions, the WE14 outreach event – Invent It, Build It, the collegiate leadership luncheon,  the SME bowl, and Celebrate SWE, including the free post-dinner dance party!

Why should you go to WE14?

  • The Career Fair – hundreds of companies looking to hire female engineers, for internships and jobs.  There is also a career center on site, for resume tips and free printing.
  • The hundreds of awesome sessions.  These sessions are a great way to spark your interest and excitement about SWE.  Learn tons about all aspects of engineering, from leadership seminars by industry leaders to interactive sessions with the CLCC, from SWE membership tips to technical talks on the newest engineering projects.
  • The networking.  With thousands of SWE members from all around the nation and world, you will meet hundreds of people who share your interest.  It’s a great way to meet professionals and collegiates.
  • The excellent keynotes.  With every luncheon and reception having a keynote, the speakers inspire you to leadership, excellence, and embracing engineering

How do I go to WE14?

  • You can get to LA by plane, train or automobile.  Airport: LAX.  Interstates: I5, I15 and I10.  Trains: Amtrak.
  • There any tons of hotels surrounding the conference center.  WE14 even has special hotels designated for conference attendees here.  Additionally, section presidents can stay in special housing.  Sections received an email about this housing earlier this year.
  • LA has an extensive metro and bus system.  There are also multiple shuttle options that go to and from the airport, and LA also has taxi services.

New Mexico Tech’s Cardboard Regatta 2014

We all know what cardboard does in water, so why not create cardboard boats and race them across a pool?

Our Cardboard Regatta this year was a huge success! We had 5 teams build boats and compete (sink or swim) for the first place prize of NMT SWE t-shirts and year long bragging rights. About 70 people showed up to watch the festivities, ask questions, and learn how to get involved with SWE. Everyone had fun getting wet and cheering on their team as well as indulging in free snowcones.

A special thanks to BHP Billiton for their cardboard donations and to the Student Activities Board for hosting the pool party and the snowcones.