Welcome to FY15!

Welcome to this FY15, which started July 1st and runs through June 30th of 2015.  With this new year (and our new look), we welcome a new Regional Collegiate Team.

Region Collegiate Senator (RCS): Olivia Leonhardt, Utah State

Region Collegiate Representatives (RCRs): Cinthya Mendez, Cal Poly SLO, and Saili Raje, UC Santa Barbara

Region Collegiate Communications Editor (RCCE): Steffi Lietzke, University of Utah

In the coming month or so, we will take the time to introduce all of these lovely ladies on this blog.  Please comment with any questions you think we should answer, silly or serious. Examples: What’s your major? What would you do with a million dollars? If you could live on Mars, would you? What are you most looking forward to at WE14 in Los Angelos this fall?

A New Look for Region B Blog

As we move into a new financial year, Region B blog is debating a makeover.  We want your input though.  Take a look at some of the proposed themes below and pick your favorite.  You can select to have the blog remain the same.

Bourns College of Engineering Banquet

written by Susana Jaimes

On Friday, May 23rd, the 2014 BCOE Banquet was held with a Roaring 20′s theme. There was food, games and many people dressed in their best 20’s outfits. Throughout the night, people played poker, blackjack and other types of card games. When it was time for dinner, everyone sat down and socialized with one another. During this time, awards were given out. SWE, ACM, IEEE, AICHE, Theta Tau, and EWB all won awards. SWE@UCR took home the outstanding professional development award! After dinner and awards were over, people went on the dancefloor to learn a couple of swing moves. Many couples participated in this and were able to get the hang of things after a couple of lessons. When everything was over, everyone helped clean up and made their way home. It was a very fun and successful event!

banquet banquet1

Karaoke Night

written by Margarita Rodriguez

Karaoke Night was hosted by UCR’s SHPE, SWE, and ACM chapters. It was one of the freest and relaxed socials SWE has experienced in a while. There is no social without food and SHPE was able to provide Buffalo Wild Wings, churros from Costco, and many other satisfying snacks. The karaoke activities began well after the event had started. In order to get the crowd comfortable and ready to sing some tunes, SWE provided a short ice-breaking game called Encore. This game consisted of two large groups that were competing to find songs that included a specific word given to them. Each team had to sing a song that included that word in it and when one team could not give a song, the other team would win the point. The game was played for about an hour and once everyone was singing and laughing, it was time to eat. Many people signed up to do karaoke and although a karaoke machine was not provided, YouTube karaoke videos were enough to get the show on the road.

The karaoke night got started once the first 2 members, Paige and Jamila, went up to the stage and sang a hit from the Killers, Somebody Told Me. There many people who signed up right after, singing songs such as Dark Horse by Katy Perry and Hey Soul Sister by Train. That night was very relaxing and full of laughter after many people got up on stage and danced their butts off while singing their favorite hits. A mixture of different organizations and engineers had attended that night. It was a successful night and nothing could have been accomplished without the participation by many of the members of the different organizations and the help provided by SHPE, ACM, and SWE. It was a great night to forget about midterms for a couple of hours and have fun while jamming with friends.

Spring Splash

written by Noelle Parker

UCR’s 2014 Spring Splash was anything but ordinary! If you were fortunate enough to go, you could definitely vouch for the amount of fun and abundance of activities that were on campus. If you weren’t so lucky or you were studying for midterms, which any good student should be doing, then you might’ve missed out on a good time. As per usual, UCR had the typical Ferris wheel, scat ride, student orgs, and petting zoo, but this year there was also a tarot card booth, a giant slide, a snake handler, and a great line up, depending on who you ask.

Although there just simply wasn’t enough time to do absolutely everything, one could’ve definitely done plenty with the time allotted. It was sort of a “Disney-Land-experience”: a lot of standing, walking, and line-waiting. The event was held from 2-7pm, which was unfortunately the hottest part of the day, and when I say hot, I mean it was sincerely blistering out there for the majority

of the event. There was a lot of Aloe Vera use the next day. In fact, it was so hot, students began to seek shade in groups and take a quick snooze on the grassy areas of the quad between sets. Not quite sure if unwarranted hallucinogenics had anything to do with it, but luckily, there were also plenty of watering stations to keep people hydrated. Not to mention, there was delicious $2 boba from Boba Tea House available as well.

The attractions were great, as expected. The petting zoo was definitely a favorite for many because the animals were just too dang adorable. There was too much cuteness to handle. They had bunnies, ducks, goats, a calf, a turtle, a turkey, a zebra, a camel, and more furry critters to love on and chase after. It was quite a rejuvenating experience. The giant slide was also very fun, but when they said socks recommended, it meant you should have socks or suffer wedgies and rug-burns for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, the line for the waiver to ride the rides was even longer than the ride lines themselves, so most people steered clear and just went to enjoy the music instead.

The artist selection this year was mainly geared toward hip-hop, rap, and electronic music lovers, which can make for several friends bailing on a good time simply because they did not like or did not intend to see the artists going. However, all of the artists had excellent performances that almost everyone thoroughly enjoyed, aside from the apparent humidity caused by the sardine-style crowd and the blatantly bright, hot sun. Out of the four, I would give the best performance award to the amazingly talented and extremely handsome Ludacris because he really seemed to be completely aware of his surroundings, he got the audience completely involved by bringing back those good old ninety’s hits, and he truly loves his fans. Overall, it was yet another amazing college experience to add to the list of the awesomeness brought to us by UCR. It was definitely one for the books.

Guest Speaker at our General Meeting

written by Nikita Haridoss

SWE@UCR held a general meeting for the spring quarter. In this meeting we had special guest speaker Cynthia Carter, UCR alum and former SWE president, talk to us about navigating our careers after college. Carter offered advice on how to move up professionally, such as finding a mentor at the workplace who can sponsor you. She also recommended building your

personal brand by dressing to impress and monitoring the information about you that appears on Google searches. Carter also stressed the importance of maintaining professionalism at the workplace by being above any politics or drama, but also advised to not be afraid to speak up if you have any ideas or concerns. Strong people skills and proficiency in public speaking were also mentioned as traits key towards becoming a successful professional. Although the workplace will be a major part of our lives, Carter emphasized keeping a balance between personal life and work.

Overall the presentation really shed light on what to expect from professional life. I know that it not only helped me but many others at the meeting get a better understanding of how to be the best professionals we can be after college. SWE would like to thank Cynthia Carter for coming to our meeting, and hopes that she comes back soon to share more words of wisdom.

What’s in a Major?

written by Sojin Ahn

SWE@UCR hosted the “What’s in a Major” panel recently. This event was about learning what engineering majors offered at UCR. Upperclassmen from all engineering majors volunteered to give us information and tips about their majors. This was a good opportunity for lowerclassmen who wanted to know about some advice for their majors and to learn about other engineering majors. In the end, there was a Q&A session for people to ask some questions that they wanted to know.