April Presidents Call

Here are the notes from tonight’s Presidents call: April Presidents call

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Our Best Practice sharing this month was on leadership transitions and elections. Continue the conversation on last month’s Hot Topic post: https://regionb.wordpress.com/2015/03/18/leadership-transitions/

Hot Topic – Networking

Networking is key to a successful career.  If allows you to climb the corporate ladder, find new jobs, and navigate your career.  College is an excellent time to start networking, since established engineers can help you find internships and jobs while providing career guidance.  SWE is a great way to expand your network. With tens of thousands of members though, where do you start?

Your peers are a valuable resource.  Go to SWE socials, volunteer events, and showcases to meet other students who share your goals and interests. Upperclassmen can tell you how they got internships and how to survive classes, which is invaluable.

SWE also gives you access to local engineering professionals.  Host a joint event or volunteer alongside them.  Many professional SWE sections enjoy working with local collegiate sections, so contact your local section.  Invite professionals to your sections events, especially professional development events like resume workshops. And don’t forget conferences! I’ve met professionals from around the country at conferences. Don’t be afraid to sit with new people at lunches, especially those sponsored by a company.  They are there to meet the engineers of tomorrow!

Once you meet someone, don’t let them slip away.  Connect with them on LinkedIn or- write them a thank you email. If you see them at another conference, be sure to day hi!

How do you network?


To the FY16 Collegiate Leadership team!

Region Collegiate Representatives

Elaine Cope, Weber State University

Nikita Haridoss, University of California Riverside

Region Collegiate Communications Editor

Michelle Tran, Cal State Poly, San Luis Obisbo

Region Collegiate Senator

Carina Hahn, University of Utah

Embry-Riddle Summary of Fall 2014

Shopwithacop5 Shopwithacop1Summary of ERAU Fall 2014 Semester

Some events deserve the share, and the following two events stood out in our chapter last fall!

‘Shop with a Cop’ Outreach Event

During the end of the previous semester, SWE reached out to the community by helping paint paper bags for the ‘Shop With A Cop’ program. Shopwithacop2Shop With A Cop is designed to establish goodwill between local law enforcement agencies and families experiencing hardships. The program provides children (selected and referred by public and private organizations) the opportunity to shop for Christmas gifts with a local officer. Instead of allocating funds to gift wrap the presents, bags were painted for the event so excess costs could be eliminated. SWE partnered with Mary Catherine Tennant, an alumni of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and the spearhead of the bag painting program, who provided us with paint, glitter, strings, cotton balls, and other arts and crafts items to decorate bags for the children, and in turn exposed the child within us! The activity helped as a huge stress reliever before finals week began, and we eagerly look forward to this event once again this semester. Professional Visit

Professional Visit

As part of our efforts to educate our members on the structure of SWE at the regional level, we invited the Phoenix Professional section on Nov 16th, 2014 to talk more about their section, and to get to meet some of their members. The event was a huge success, and we are enthusiastic about future opportunities of involvement between the two sections.

CSULB SWE Newsletter and Website Improvement

comicwebsiteThis semester, CSULB SWE historian Alex Parks had the great idea of creating a monthly newsletter; it features plenty of information regarding upcoming events, commonly asked questions, past event summaries, as well as engaging cartoons. This is great addition to our “SWE-ekly Post” emails sent out to members by secretary Corina Guevara. These two informational documents allow members to be quickly and efficiently informed of the latest chapter and national updates.

Our chapter website has officially published the newsletter and continues to publish the SWE-ekly Post. It’s a great outlet of publicity and convenience for members.The website has also gone under some changes by webmaster Marianne Gonzalez. Be sure to check out our site!


Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Visits CSULB SWE

Representatives from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California came to SWE CSULB’s past GBM to provide info on internship and entry level positions for aspiring students. Speakers included unit manager & CSULB Alumni Arleen Arita, engineer Carlene Wong and team manager Jeanne Hong. The session began with the sharing of details on their personal journeys to becoming engineers and a description of their field of work. They also discussed the California drought and how MWD is dealing with the issue.

Our SWE Webmaster Marianne Gonzalez talked about her own experience aWP_20150304_005s a MWD intern. She had a blast working for MWD in summer of 2014. As a chemical engineer, she was able to have various learning experiences to do with project management and execution. She also got be exposed to other disciplines of engineering.

Shoutout to MWD and thank you for our workshop. It is always great to hear from SWE members in the field.

Leadership Transitions

As we enter the last quarter of the school year, it comes time to elect new SWE leaders, both for sections and regions.  The question now is how to keep your section going strong with the programs from this year as leaders graduate or move to different roles.

There are a few ways to help with a smooth leadership transition, and it varies by between sections and years.  In deciding how to handle the change, your section needs to think about how many leaders are leaving, how many new faces will be on leadership, and whether your section is looking to expand or stay similar.  Here are some ideas to help make this year’s transition a smooth one:

  • Hold a CLCC  event.  The Collegiate Leadership Coaches offer multiple helpful sessions for transitions, such as Building Teams, Leadership, Strategic and Tactical Planning, and SWE Officer Training.  Read about the modules here, and contact our Region B CLCC lead, Susie Kirkland, at susie.kirkland@gmail.com.
  • Have your current leaders write a packet about what they do and some helpful hints about how to best handle the job
  • Hold a planning party! Get all of the current and future leadership together and create a plan for next year.  Layout which events you want to do, what kind of improvements you want to do, and then break up into pairs (new and current president, new and current treasurer, ect) to go over the ins and outs of the coming year.

These are only a few ways your section can handle transitions.

How does your section handle transitions? What has worked for you in the past?