Cal Poly SLO sundaes with SWE

Cal Poly SLO SWE had sundaes on sunday to get to know each other and encourage more freshman members to sign up. Older SWE members from a variety of majors were able to assist freshmen in registration and scheduling advice, while also enjoying ice cream!

Cal Poly SLO SWE big little pumpkin patch

Cal Poly SLO SWE took a fun day-trip to Avila Valley Barn from 10:30 AM- 1 PM on Saturday, November 5th! This was an awesome way to de-stress during midterms with Big & Little Siblings!
Members met others involved in the program, pet & fed farm animals, shared pie, and so much more! This place was awesome and made for some fall-inspired selfies!


Cal Poly SLO SWE Big/Little Icebreaker

This event is just to relax and get to know everyone involved in the SWE Big/Little Program. We got to enjoy pizza, get to know our Bigs and littles, and play some fun games to break the ice (Twister, Apples to Apples, etc.)! This event is the starting point in creating lasting relationships & memories through SWE!

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Cal Poly SLO SWE national conference

The Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo SWE chapter traveled over 3,000 miles to attended WE16 National Conference in the beautiful Philadelphia, PA. We brought a total of 32 members, officers and non-officers, the most we’ve ever brought, and had an amazing time!  We started off our Philly experience with visiting the historic Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, and the haunted Eastern State Penitentiary

We kicked off conference with a delicious keynote breakfast and some inspiring words from the VP of Medtronic Quality Luann Pendy.  Once we broke out into sessions our girls raved about their favorite and most motivational speakers.  Everyone was looking forward to the massive career fair we had all heard so much about.  Of our members that attended,  we had girls get Boeing internships, Intel Internships, a Toyota Co-ops, and even a JPL Internship.

But the highlight of the whole conference was the closing Celebrate SWE Event.  We all donned our best dresses and most stylish shoes and never missed an opportunity for a selfie or photo-op.  At the event in-between the live music and yummy food, the Cal Poly chapter won three national awards…

Colligate Gold Section

C2C Membership Award

2nd Place for the Team Tech Competition

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We are always so grateful when we get SWE chapters together to share in each others’ successes.  It was great to talk to some of our fellow Region B SWEople!  SWE is such a great support network and we hope to share what we learned in Philadelphia to better our chapter here in SLO.  We now have our sights set on the Regional and new Local conference this winter, and then next year’s WE17 in Austin, Texas!

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Reconnecting With Alumni

During National Conference in Philadelphia, PA this past October, twelve Cal Poly SLO SWE Alumni from different areas in industry stepped away from their time at Conference to connect with students. A dinner was hosted at Smokin Betty’s, where students and alumni were able to swap SWE experiences and advice.

With the motivation and encouragement that was shared by these successful women, it was an evening to remember.

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Written by Sarah Rutland, Professional and Alumni Director

Cal Poly SLO SWE BAE Day

Over 300 middle school kids poured onto Cal Poly SLO’s campus on October 22nd for the Society of Women Engineers’ biannual Building an Engineer Day. The main goals of the event are to help students better understand what engineering is and encourage them to consider it for their education and career paths. Over 100 Cal Poly volunteers helped ensure the success of this event!


Each of the activities was hosted by a different engineering club and featured a hands-on activity. The students’ favorite labs included “Spaghetti and Marshmallow Tower,” “Bridge Building with K’Nex,” and “Ping Pong Catapult.”

After the event, students talked about what engineers do, if they enjoyed the activities, and what they learned during the day. Students’ responses showed that the activities peaked their interest in engineering and all the opportunities it offers. We look forward to another exciting Building an Engineering Day in the spring!



First image: Breaking into activity groups at the beginning of the day in Cal Poly’s Engineering Plaza.

Second and third  image: Students participating in club-led activities.

Cal Poly SLO SWE Midterm Study Session

To assist students with midterm season, Cal Poly SLO SWE hosted an engaging study session geared towards preparing members with their upcoming tests. In addition to hosting the event, SWE offered the test bank, a comprehensive collection of donated tests and quizzes from various engineering classes. A group of 15-20 students participated in this study session. Many first and second year students also had the opportunity to collaborate with older members on getting tutoring and homework questions answered. Lastly, there’s nothing better than to study with sweet treats! We had “SWE Donuts” to make the studying a little more SWE-et!