Become a RCCE Nominee!

The position of Region Collegiate Communications Editor (RCCE)  is an outstanding opportunity to interact with professional women, while developing leadership attributes, including communication, organization, and facilitation. The RCCE is responsible for owning and maintaining our Region Collegiate Blog and communicating to the region and national society as the collegiate member’s voice in SWE.

The Qualification for RCCE are:

  • Member of SWE for at least 1-2 years and in good standings
  • Be a collegiate member during term (grad or undergrad)
  • Good Academic Standing

The qualities of an RCCE are:

  • Dedicated to SWE
  • Have good communication skills
  • Organized
  • Able to be flexible as SWE structure changes
  • Desire to do the job
  • General knowledge of SWE
  • Interest in Society work
  • Able to commit time
  • Able to travel
  • Desire to pursue leadership skills
  • Some knowledge or interest in Blogs

As this year’s RCCE, I’ve enjoyed engaging with SWE at a region level and hearing all about the amazing events and activities that have been going on within our sections. It has been a great experience being able to share these great stories throughout our region, and working with such amazing section and region leaders.

If you are interested in applying for this role, please apply by February 15th. More information can be found here:

Applications due in 3 days!

SWE-UCLA Winter Retreat

During the first week of the winter quarter, the officers of the SWE-UCLA executive board had their quarterly retreat over the weekend of January 9th and 10th. We first attended workshops conducted by SWE-LA members about managing burnout and membership retention. After the workshops, we traveled to Santa Monica to the ice rink for a few fun hours of ice skating. After dinner, we headed to the home of our Student Relations Director for a sleepover full of baking and movies. The next morning, we went to Will Rogers State Park and hiked up the trails. This weekend was a great opportunity for all of us to de-stress and become more close-knit as a board.


SWE-UCLA had our first meeting of the new year on Thursday, January 7th and we couldn’t have been happier with the turnout! We had a packed room full of SWE enthusiasts munching on food while our Student Relations Director led games and a presentation. We started the night with our own take on Pictionary in which teams competed in a friendly competition. Our meeting then focused on the upcoming events for the quarter like Evening With Industry and Speed Mentoring with Northrop Grumman! We also informed our members about a lot of upcoming volunteer opportunities for our chapter and got a lot of positive feedback. It looks like our member retention efforts are paying off, and we can’t wait to see how our members contribute to SWE this quarter!

Cal Poly SWE Plays Intramural Soccer

This Winter Quarter, Cal Poly SWE has paired with Cal Poly’s Engineering Fraternity, Sigma Phi Delta, to play Intramural Soccer!  We joined the Division 3, Co-Recreational League and play on Thursdays at 10:30pm.

Our team includes both officers and members from our collegiate section.  Some of our players have never played soccer before, so we held a practice to teach them how to play before our first game.

So far, we’ve played two games.  During our first game, we had a lot of fun!  It was our first time playing together, and we learned how to work together on and off the field through  substitutions and by setting plays.  Although we lost our first game in a close battle, we learned from our experience and improved our strategy for the next one.

And… we won our second game!  It was an incredible game, and we all had a great time!

We look forward to playing more games and keeping the blog updated with the results! We encourage that all SWE sections create Intramural teams on their campuses to motivate SWE members to stay active and have fun playing sports!

CSUF SWE Bows Bandanas and STEM

CSUF SWE had the opportunity to help Esperanza High School Senior, Alejandra Solis, receive her Girl Scouts Gold Award Badge on Saturday, January 30, 2016. Alejandra’s final task was to share her passion with a group of younger scouts ranging from ages 9-13. Since she will be attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s mechanical engineering program this fall, Alejandra decided to host “Bows, Bandanas, and STEM,” a day filled with engineering activities and lots of SWEets.

The day began with a lesson of columns and bridge designs from a representative of the Riverside County Transportation Department who challenged the young scouts to construct their very own gummy bear bridges. Next stop: edible cars! With tools such as mini donuts, lifesavers, and bananas, the girls were asked to design and build the most functional vehicle for their gummy bear drivers. Things got a little more technical as the day went on when the future engineers were encouraged to create the next top downloaded app. CSUF SWE had a blast being a part of this fun filled event and are wishing Alejandra the best of luck with her promising engineering career.

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University of Utah SWE’s Spring Semester Opening Social

The University of Utah SWE section held a Spring Semester Opening Social on January 26th. This was a very successful event with about 60 people attending. There were many students at the social who heard about SWE and this event at the Engineering Club Rush tabling the Thursday before, so it was also a good opportunity for them to learn more about what SWE does and get to know others. Everyone enjoyed pizza, cookies, and soda while they met new and old friends. We used a laptop for signing in (before anyone got pizza on their fingers) and this was much better than the paper sign in sheets we had used in the past because it was easy to add students to our email list without having to type addresses into the computer and decipher handwriting. The focus of this social, besides getting to know each other, was to increase involvement in committees. We had a table for each of the three committees – Social, Outreach, and Professional Development – and members were able to talk to current committee chairs and sign up for whichever committee interested them. There have already been new participants at committee meetings in the past week so this was a good outcome. Overall, this was a great start to our semester!


Cal Poly SWE Hostes 5th Annual VEX Competition

On January 30, 2016 Cal Poly Society of Women Engineers and San Luis Obispo High School Robotics team hosted the 5th Annual California Central Coast VEX Robotics Competition. This year’s annual event welcomed 40 middle and high school VEX Robotics teams from areas along the California Central Coast and featured over 80 volunteers, many of whom are SWE members.

Each year, the VEX Robotics organization releases an innovative game that challenges student-teams to design, develop, program, and test a functional 18 by 18 by 18 inch robot capable of completing the task. This year’s game was called “Nothing but Net” where alliances of two robot teams each competed to score balls in high or low net goals. The winning alliance of each regional VEX competition earned a ticket to compete in the VEX World Championships which will be held in Louisville, Kentucky in April.

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Several other awards were also given out to winning teams and were specifically selected by a team of 10 judges, who also happened to be students at Cal Poly. Awards were given out to teams with the best robot design, those who applied the most innovative engineering concepts, and for teams who exhibited cooperation during the duration of the event.

Since this event was held in the Cal Poly engineering buildings, many middle and highs school students were given the opportunity to explore the campus and interact with volunteers who are current students and/or SWE members. With a new wave of STEM leaders emerging, it was so exciting so see how passionate these kids are. We can’t wait to see what the 2016-2017 VEX Robotics game has in store!