Cal Poly SLO SWE Midterm Study Session

Cal Poly SLO students spent their Valentine’s Day studying for upcoming midterms and quizzes. To get ready, SWE hosted their annual midterm study session where students could collaborate, work together, and utilize the test bank to prepare for their tests. To make the day even SWE-eter, we had heart shaped donuts from SLO Donut Company to snack on.


Cal Poly SLO – Santa Maria High School Robotics Club Mentoring

On Thursday, February 2nd Cal Poly SLO SWE sent two members to Santa Maria High School (SMHS) to mentor their Robotics Club. The Santa Maria High School Robotics Club has over 25 members of all different grades. They spend every Thursday after school working on various types of robots. During this meeting, the students were finishing up their last LEGO NXT Mindstorm robots.
Cal Poly SLO SWE members assisted students in developing their robots for a Line Trace Competition where the goal was to be the fastest team to complete three laps of a figure-eight by following black tape laid in that pattern. The mentors also answered questions about college and engineering in general. Cal Poly SLO SWE is looking forward to returning to SMHS Robotics Club in a few weeks to continue outreaching to the students and helping them with their transition into working with VEX Robots.

SWE SDSU Attends UCSD’s “Hidden Figures” Movie Night!

On Friday, February 3rd, SWE SDSU was invited to Clairemont Town Square to SWE UCSD’s joint social to watch “Hidden Figures.” A couple of our officers and a few of our members came out to attend this event and we absolutely loved it! It was the perfect movie for our club to watch, not only because it showed the struggle of being a minority in the workforce, but also because it was incredibly empowering and motivating for us women to keep on doing what we love no matter how many odds are stacked against us.

We all had a great time munching on popcorn, slushies, and candy while sharing this experience with our fellow classmates and SWE sisters.

SWE SDSU’s First Spring 2017 GBM

Even though coming back to school after such a long and wonderful winter break can be rough, at least we have our SWE members to look forward to seeing! On February 6th we had our first Spring 2017 GBM. Because this was the first one of the semester, we wanted to make it a social one so that we could all reconnect with each other and just have fun as we are adjusting to getting back in the routine of classes and homework.

Lunch was catered by Subway, and after catching our members up on upcoming volunteer opportunities, fundraisers, and future GBM dates, we played SWE Jeopardy that our President, Angela, came up with! We were divided up into four teams and each team had their own buzzer that they could ring in their answer with. Topics ranged from Notable Women in Engineering to San Diego Landmarks to Aztec Fun Facts to the Most Popular Google Searches of 2016! Everyone had a lot of fun showing what they knew when it came to trivia and history.

SWE SDSU Hosts the annual Gingerbread House Competition!

For SWE SDSU’s last December General Body Meeting of the fall semester, we linked up with SDSU’s EWB (Engineers Without Borders) and PASE (Pacific Asian Society of Engineers) in order to host our annual Gingerbread House Competition. This General Body Meeting is probably our most popular one that is attended, most likely because it brings out the competitive side that is in all of us.

Because it was also our last GBM of the semester, we also gave out our raffle prizes that students have been collecting tickets for throughout the semester by attending events such as GBMs, fundraisers, and volunteering events such as Girl’s Day Out. The prizes this semester were gift cards to various restaurants and our adorable SWE mugs.
The Gingerbread Competition was a big hit, with all of the teams trying to construct the best, unique, and fundamentally sound Gingerbread House out of all the others. We look forward to our next competition this upcoming year!

SWE SDSU Attends Nationals!

SWE National Conference was held in Philadelphia this academic year from October 27th to October 29th. SWE officers and members attended Nationals, and it provided us with great exposure to new and familiar companies, networking, and even on-the-spot interviews. With all the great benefits that Nationals offers, what it also shows us is how empowering it is to be a woman in the STEM field at this day and age.

Not only was there the main career fair during the first two days, there were also speakers, workshops, and social events throughout the weekend. SWE SDSU connected with SWE UCSD for dinner, and we were even accompanied by SWE Professional members. The whole experience opened our eyes to just how many women are in the STEM field, and the great comradery we share in this journey together.

SWE SDSU Partners with ZIP Launchpad!

On October 20th our publicity officer, Gabby, met up with a ZIP Launchpad representative, Kyle, in order to introduce our club to new resources and opportunities to apply our skills outside the classroom! ZIP Launchpad is located in the Zahn Innovation Center at SDSU, and is dedicated to taking students’ startup ideas and turning them into a reality.

2016-11-01 19.19.30.jpg

After this meeting, SWE and ZIP connected for SWE’s first November General Body Meeting, where Kyle shared with our SWE members what exactly ZIP can provide them with in terms of support on the business side of our technical skills, and also showed our members the different machinery that we would have access to if we were to join a team (or even start our own team for a startup).

2016-11-01 19.19.28.jpg

Kyle was also kind enough to provide us with amazing pizza during the General Body Meeting, and all of our members were very excited at the amount of doors that this opened up for us!