SWE UCLA Evening with Industry


Evening with Industry is one of SWE UCLA’s flagship events and historically boasts an attendance of over 200 students and 35 companies. This year’s EWI on February 2, was no exception and once again proved to be a vital event in establishing professional relationships between students and company representatives. The evening kicked off around 5:30 PM with Networking over Appetizers, which allowed students to introduce themselves and interact with company representatives of their choosing. This time allowed for students and representatives alike to learn more about each other without the hassle of resumes and going over qualifications.
Around 6:45, the doors to the main dining room were opened and everyone was seated at their designated table. Ideally, the students selected the company that they wanted to sit with and we tried our best to accommodate their top choices. The entire night was emceed by me and there were speeches from the SWE UCLA President Emily, Dean of Engineering Dean Murthy, and from our guest speaker Diana Skaar.

Diana works at X- The Moonshot Factory, where she specializes in robotics and computer intelligence. She provided an inspiring speech on facing your fears and not letting your gender limit you in what you want to accomplish. Meanwhile, students networked with the company that they sat with and exchanged personal stories in order to enrich their networking experience. At the end of the dinner, a raffle was done to give away all the prizes that were generously donated by the attending companies.
At 8 PM was the private career fair, where all attending students had access to the company booths. The companies were split up into four locations and students were free to stop by any booths as they pleased. This was an important part of the night as the more informal networking led into the formal portion. Hopefully students were able to make an impression over appetizers and dinner and seal the deal at the career fair.


The goal of Evening with Industry is to provide students the unique opportunity to really connect with company representatives and the offer them the chance to leave a lasting impression. This event is so special because it is unlike many other career fairs hosted at UCLA and it provides a more intimate experience between the recruiters and students.

UCLA-SWE Inter-committee Social

On January 23, 2017, SWE had its Winter inter-committee social. The event was held in Covel Commons. Specifically, SWE executive board members and committee members from all of the SWE committees (outreach, advocacy, major, and EWI committees) had dinner together in the private dining room in Covel, from 6 PM until about 8 PM. The turnout of officers and committee members for this event was good: a decent amount of board members attended, and many committee members attended as well. Major committee had the largest number of attendees for this event.

The event served as a great way for members from different committees to get to know each other. Since committees most frequently interact with others in the same committee, this event provided an opportunity for committee members to meet those in other committees. Similarly, board members generally do not meet many committee members, and this event allowed for board members and committee members to meet each other.

The dinner started with each attendee introducing herself to the other attendees and describing her role in SWE, allowing for attendees to learn more about other SWE members and their involvement in SWE. After this, the interaction broke into smaller groups at the dinner table. Ultimately, the event was a nice way for involved SWE-UCLA members to meet each other, and having one of these socials each quarter would be a good way to bring the different parts of SWE even closer together.

SWE-UCLA Class Planning Workshop

On Feb. 8th, SWE-UCLA held a class planning workshop. Underclassmen were able to come and get advice about what classes to take next quarter from upperclassmen from the various engineering majors. We were able to get upperclassmen from every major to volunteer for this event. Different areas of the room were designated for each major and there was a casual atmosphere. People were able to talk to each other and hopefully make connections for help in the future. Not only were the underclassmen able to get help, but the upperclassmen were also able to talk to each other about taking classes in departments other than their own, mostly for the UCLA Engineering Tech Breadth requirement where each student has to take 3 classes in another engineering department. Chipotle was served for dinner and it was definitely a hit. We had a good turnout and I think the underclassmen who came out got some good advice.


UCLA-SWE: Northrop Grumman Speed Mentoring

In January, during the third week of the quarter, SWE UCLA partnered with Northrop Grumman to host a speed mentoring event. Northrop Grumman sent around 15 representatives and directors to share their knowledge with the members of SWE UCLA. Students were able to have individual conversations with the Northrop Grumman employees and network over dinner. Afterwards, two directors from Northrop Grumman spoke about their careers and how they got to where they are today. Students very much enjoyed being able to ask questions with the representatives concerning industry relations and seeking opportunities in industry. Finally, the evening concluded with an entertaining presentation prepared by Northrop Grumman about etiquette in the workplace.

SWE-UCLA: Annual Etiquette Dinner

On January 18, 2017, SWE-UCLA hosted our annual Etiquette Dinner in preparation for our largest formal networking event, Evening with Industry, scheduled for February 2. We partnered with the local professional section, SWE-LA, to provide student attendees with some more seasoned advice regarding formal table manners and networking etiquette. A former SWE-UCLA alumna and former Internal Vice President as well as the current and former SWE-LA presidents represented SWE-LA. 27 UCLA students attended the event which nearly met our goal of 35 students. Of these 27 students, many of them were first-time Evening with Industry attendees. The dinner lasted the full two hours as students had numerous questions for our SWE-LA representatives. Students enjoyed the feedback and advice that they got, and the event continued in its legacy of being a success. Although in previous years we had a corporate partner for this event, this year’s Etiquette Dinner still managed to attract a sizable attendance and provided valuable advice in advance of Evening with Industry.

UCLA-SWE: Winter Officer Retreat

On Saturday, January 15th, the SWE officer board spent a lovely afternoon at the Geffen Playhouse in Westwood to watch the matinee performance of “The Lion.” The performer, Benjamin Scheuer, shared his life story as he sang through the various trials and tribulations that have made him the person he is today. Filled with powerful emotions and beautiful music, “The Lion” captivated the audience and taught everyone what we can learn from our experiences. Overall, it was a great first-time experience for everyone and a way to make the most of what Westwood has to offer. Plus, we got to meet Benjamin Scheuer himself!Image 3-21-17 at 7.29 PM

SWE-UCLA Winter General Meeting and Social

On January 12, SWE-UCLA held our quarterly general meeting with a fun twist – the meeting also included a mug decorating social! As usual, our general meetings are designed to inform SWE members about our upcoming events for the quarter. Winter is an especially busy quarter for us as we host our two flagship events: Evening with Industry and Wow! That’s Engineering day. Publicizing these two events at our GM was a huge success. Through our GM we sold plenty of EWI tickets and were able to recruit a good number of volunteers for Wow!. Following all the event updates, our former Internal Vice President and current SWE-LA member Kritika Iyer shared with us their upcoming scholarship opportunities.
As usual, our meeting also included free food from our favorite pizza joint Enzos. Once the meeting concluded and everyone got their slice of Enzos, the social began. Our Student Relations director Farhana organized this social after realizing that we had way too many SWE mugs in our office. To decorate our mugs, she selected a beautiful array of acrylic paints along with chalkboard paint! The social transformed the Boelter Penthouse from a formal meeting room into an arts and craft center.
By the end of the night, people went home with one or two beautifully decorated mugs. Compared to our former Winter GM’s, this GM had a great turnout which we attribute to also having a social right after. We highly recommend some form decorating social to be used at other SWE chapters. It’s a great way to relax and hang out with other SWEeties and also take care of any unused SWE swag in the office.