Leadership Transitions

As we enter the last quarter of the school year, it comes time to elect new SWE leaders, both for sections and regions.  The question now is how to keep your section going strong with the programs from this year as leaders graduate or move to different roles.

There are a few ways to help with a smooth leadership transition, and it varies by between sections and years.  In deciding how to handle the change, your section needs to think about how many leaders are leaving, how many new faces will be on leadership, and whether your section is looking to expand or stay similar.  Here are some ideas to help make this year’s transition a smooth one:

  • Hold a CLCC  event.  The Collegiate Leadership Coaches offer multiple helpful sessions for transitions, such as Building Teams, Leadership, Strategic and Tactical Planning, and SWE Officer Training.  Read about the modules here, and contact our Region B CLCC lead, Susie Kirkland, at susie.kirkland@gmail.com.
  • Have your current leaders write a packet about what they do and some helpful hints about how to best handle the job
  • Hold a planning party! Get all of the current and future leadership together and create a plan for next year.  Layout which events you want to do, what kind of improvements you want to do, and then break up into pairs (new and current president, new and current treasurer, ect) to go over the ins and outs of the coming year.

These are only a few ways your section can handle transitions.

How does your section handle transitions? What has worked for you in the past?

SDSU Presents the Do’s and Don’ts of Conference Attire and Elevator Speeches

On Thursday February 26th our wonderful president, Megan Lacy, presented a power point at our General Body Meeting explaining the Do’s and the Don’ts when it comes to dressing for a professional occasion, like the upcoming Region B Conference. She included several pictures of different professional, appropriate, and yet fashionable outfits for both women and men. We discussed how there is always a dress code in the professional world, and how dressing appropriately can have a positive impact on a potential employer.

We also discussed elevator speeches. Megan explained the importance and potential impact of a good speech. We buddied up and practiced with each other so that we would be ready for the weekend. This was great, especially for our younger members who have never experienced professional networking.

SDSU at SWE Region B Conference!

unnamed (1)SDSU SWE was fortunate enough to be able to send 3 officers and 6 members to Regional Conference this year and we had a blast! San Luis Obispo was absolutely breathtaking, as was the drive up the 101!
Now that more of our members realize how beneficial and exciting SWE conferences are, there has been a peaked interest in attending the National Conference in Nashville. I was wondering if any other sections had any helpful hints on how to receive more funding for travel?
SDSU SWE receives around $1500 a year for travel expenses, and while this was enough for gas and hotel rooms for regionals at SLO, this will be minimal when allocating toward airline tickets to Nashville.
I want to encourage officers and members to attend nationals in Nashville and want to maximize SWE’s financial support through fundraisers, sponsorships, etc. Has anyone done something like this? Any input is greatly appreciated!

San Diego State – Miss Representation

unnamedFor the past month SDSU SWE’s Vice President Emily Marsden has been working on a presentation and the viewing of a moving documentary “Miss Representation” for SDSU students.
This film discusses harmful images and themes produced by the media that ultimately weaken women’s power and respect in leadership positions. The media has reduced women to visual objects and discourages, and even mocks women of intelligence. Media such as this has been prevalent for over 50 years!
By altering perceptions of ourselves and others, and by avoiding media and movies that promote the idea that women are inferior (or worse, that women only have power when they use their sexuality) we hope to eventually force the media to stop making our young girls ashamed of their bodies and eager to pursue leadership positions.
Emily Marsden worked so very hard on this presentation and was rewarded when over 200 students (men and women!) came to watch the 2 hour film and participated in discussion workshops.
SDSU SWE is extremely proud of her for her hard work and dedication to share such an important message to the students of SDSU.
It would be great to have other sections post about their officers or members and their accomplishments, either inside or outside SWE, to promote our strong women in leadership!

CSULB’s Journey – 2015 SWE Regional Conference and Awards

ucWTzcWpIBBVFlL-QZgDHKFbcGxGgN0zktQUNPo9X-srN_z3VNQgMTOjLNJsHD6bjQzkqA=s2048pGdYviBAzOCQ04cxuaPOkKud5npmO1YSVumnSJb30xldnZcgluS_ICuDwMOAmcHgJV7O4w=s2048CSULB SWE attended its Region B Conference held in San Luis Obispo, CA from February 27th to March 1st. The conference included professional workshops, a career fair and distinguished keynote speakers. A special shoutout to UCR SWE chapter for being awesome. The conference ended with a stellar note: CSULB SWE received the Collegiate Highest Membership Growth Award with a staggering 178% SWE national membership growth for the 2014-2015 academic year!

IMG_0037IMG_0071In order to achieve this increase, much work was needed of the executive board officers. Publicity chair Katie Lebya spread the word about CSULB SWE through various social media, including facebook, twitter and instagram. Webmaster Marianne Gonzalez also utilized the chapter website as well. We emphasized the benefits of national membership at every GBM, and provided step-by-step guidance on how to register as a national member. By simply communicating effectively to engineering students, we were able to exceed our membership goals. Congrats to all our SWE Officers and members for an outstanding job!IMG_0140

The fun didn’t end there. On their ride back home from 2015 SWE Regional Conference, CSULB and UCR SWE members decided to have some fun by visiting Ostrich Land and the pleasant Danish town Solvang, CA.The journey to and from this event definitely added a nice touch to the experience. We hope everyone else had just as much fun!


CSULB SWE – Interview Tips Workshop

Capture (3)Los Angeles County Department of Public Works presented during CSULB SWE’s general body meeting in February 18, 2015. Guest speaker Pamela Manning hosted an Interview Tips Workshop and interacted with the students throughout the meeting. She spoke from personal experience about how to prepare before, during and after an interview. She also shared her career success story and how she moved up in her field; she inspired attendees to be ambitious yet professional when pursuing career goals.

To interact with students and create a more hands-on environment,  Manning randomly picked attending members during the meeting and gave them interviewquestions to respond to on the spot. Afterwards, she gave “graded” the selected students responses. This workshop was a success and provided students with useful tips.  Many thanks to Pamela Manning and LA County Department of Public Works for presenting. And shoutout to Ivan Perez who is a CSULB graduate and Public Works employee that allowed for this professional connection.