Engineering Welcome Day

Every zero week, the Engineering Society of UCLA hosts a special event known as Engineering Welcome Day, or EWD for short. The event welcomes the new freshman and transfer engineering students with various speeches by current engineering students, alumni, and the dean of engineering. But the highlight of the event is the club fair and SWE-UCLA was very happy to be there.

As usual, our table was setup with our new poster board and the famous SWE Bee. Thankfully this event was indoors so none of the members had to sweat it out like yesterday’s Enormous Activities Fair. Plenty of people (both guys and girls!) passed by to learn more about SWE. In addition, many of the board members ran into their former hostees from our Women In Engineering Stayover program earlier this spring. Overall, EWD was a success and it was a great opportunity for freshman to learn more about SWE.

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Enormous Activities Fair

The Annual Enormous Activities Fair took place on Tuesday, September 20th under the hot LA sun between 11AM-3PM. The main purpose of the event was to recruit potential new members to SWE and attend the upcoming Fall GM. A table was set up in front of Royce Hall and people had a chance to ask the board about what SWE was and how to get involved. Overall, it was a successful experience for both officers who attended as well as people who were interested in the club. It was fascinating to hear the variety of experiences each board member had with SWE. This aspect of the event definitely made it more relatable and personal in the flurry of crowds and intense club flyering. Throughout the day, people were given a short spiel of what SWE is and upcoming events to get them more involved in the club. In addition, there was a handful of males who visited the SWE table to ask how they could get involved. After the event, all supplies were packed up and used the following day for yet another tabling event to engage more potential members.

SWE SDSU Welcome Week, Day 3!

Day 3 of Welcome Week consisted of our VERY first General Body Meeting for SWE SDSU! The meeting ran from 6pm – 5pm and before the meeting, a couple of the officers went to Domino’s and picked up 6 large pizzas for our female engineers! The General Body Meeting was mainly dedicated to explaining how GBMs through out the semester will be laid out. We have meetings every other week on Thursdays, alternating fun meetings and professional-preparation meetings. Today was a fun meeting! We talked about upcoming outreach events, fundraising opportunities, our social media platforms, and two very important events this year – SWE SDSU Evening of Professional Development (which will be held October 19th) and SWE National Conference in Philadelphia this November! We also already sold a couple tickets for EPD during the meeting and have 5 people who are going to the National Conference.

We ended the meeting with an ice breaker. We arranged our chairs in a circle and there was one person standing in the middle. The person in the middle says something about themselves (i.e. “I’ve been to Disneyland!”) and everyone who that applies to has to get up and find another seat. The one person left without a seat then goes to the middle and shares something else about themselves and the process repeats itself. The game helped us get to know each other and our similarities, and it was nice to be on our feet after a long day of studying, classes, and informational meetings.

SWE SDSU Welcome Week, Day 2!

For our second day of welcome week of the 2016 Fall Semester, SWE hosted a bowling night at our very own SDSU Aztec Lanes! Our officers and some brand new faces showed up and spent a great night hanging out, having fun, and answering questions that the new girls had about SWE as well as SDSU in general. Whenever us SWE Officers get to share our knowledge about the engineering classes that we know the Freshmen will have to take later on in their student life, it’s a great feeling knowing that we’re helping out our fellow female engineers. The bowling event took place from 4 pm – 5 pm, so there was plenty of time for us to get to know the new girls. After the event was over, the girls promised to check us out at our first General Body Meeting that was going to take place a couple days after!

SWE SDSU Welcome Week, Day 1!

SWE SDSU held their first day of Welcome Week of the Fall 2016 semester today! It consisted of a group hang out at the Starbucks in the beautiful SDSU Student Union for SWE members and interested Freshmen to come and have coffee in between classes! Ladies came for as long as they could before running off to their next class, but over the two hours that the event took place, ladies got to meet new friends and reconnect with their well-known female engineers.

A couple of the officers even managed to grab the big round table in the middle of the coffee shop for this event! The event took place from 11 am – 1 pm and SWE ladies talked about what they did over the summer, their current work and school load, and exciting events that have yet to take place! The event was a nice and refreshing, not to mention much needed, gathering in the midst of the hectic back-to-school season.

That being said, SWE SDSU can’t wait to see what’s in store for next week!

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SWE SDSU officers and members during Coffee Shop Hangout!


Beach Social with UCR’s SWE + EWB + SHPE

The three organizations decided to go to Huntington Beach to celebrate the beginning of the year. Some unlucky members had to go in the morning to reserve a fire pit. Later, people worked together to build a couch out of sand. Although the water was cold, that did not deter our members from taking a swim and splashing around in the waves. Soon, the grill was up and running. We ate hamburgers, hot dogs, and s’mores. Everyone had a lot of fun making s’mores in the fire pit. Some people walked to the pier, but immediately regretted that decision when the vicious wind ripped through their beachwear. At night, the bonfire was lit and people made even more s’mores. Then, chemicals were added to the fire to make it all sorts of beautiful colors. Others played soccer to stay warm, but then came back to the fire. Everyone was all tuckered out that they decided to go home and rest after a wonderful day at the beach.

New and Old: UCR SWE’s 16-17 Big Bear Retreat

One cabin. Two boards. Twelve people. Forty-eight hours. Countless Disney Songs.
A medley of both incoming and outgoing SWE officers retreated to UCR’s Big Bear cabin where we not only celebrated the phenomenal year that just came to an end but also forged a strong foundation for next year. I won’t go into too many details about all the singing and laughter — but it was amazing. Aside from singing on the street, by the lake, on our way up the mountain, and on the rooftop, we also went for a hike and on an awesome boat ride on the lake. Of course, it wouldn’t have been a party without Cards Against Humanities, Couch of Power, Exploding Kittens, and, of course, Uno. The unfortunate prohibition of campfires didn’t stop us from improvising and making s’mores because, well, what is a retreat without s’mores?!
Aside from all of the fun and games, we also got down to business. We discussed our goals and ideas for SWE-UCR 2016-2017. SPOILER ALERT — it’s going to be a great year! Thanks to the wisdom and legacy of our SWEety grads (whom we LOVE and will profoundly miss,) next year’s board has an indestructible basis which is only headed toward success. All of our new board members are passionate and ready to take on the world in the name of women in engineering! As the T-shirt saying goes… SWE can do it!