Mr. and Mrs. Engineering Pageant – Engineering Week Cal State Long Beach

10987617_795136153868206_2148627500478388567_nSWE Cal State Long Beach hosted its annual Mr. and Mrs. Engineering Pageant. We had several male and female contestants from different academic backgrounds, including electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and chemical engineering. We were honored to have judges from engineering faculty, including Dean Forouzan Golshani.

The evening began with introductions and costume presentations; contestants were asked to wear a costume that represented their major. The next portion of the show was the questionnaire. Contestants were asked various questions, such as “What is your favorite engineering equation and why?” or “If you were the last engineer on earth, what would you do to save the human race?”. The last part of the pageant was the talent show. The contestants sang, played instruments and performed improv. 10917271_795138263867995_579419225024742323_n

Shout out and congratulations to Ivan and Crystal for winning Mr. and Mrs. Engineer! And thank you to our involvement chair, Christine Nguyen. This event was very successful and had positive feedback from attendees.

Boat Race with ASCE – Engineering Week

IMG_4316This past week, Cal State Long Beach held Engineering Welcome Week, which brought together many student organizations from the college of engineering.

One of the popular events was the cardboard boat race held at the campus recreation center and hosted by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Each organization was given the challenge of constructing a boat made only out of cardboard and tape. Many also added artwork to the boats in order to add to the aesthetics of the design. By the help of a team of SWE members and officers, we were able to build a successful boat.

Our very own officers Pooja Somaiah, Outreach Chair, and Ijya Karki, Fundraising Chair were given the privilege of racing the SWE boat; we obtained first place on our first round of racing. Thank you to ASCE for hosting a fun event!

University of Utah Mock Interviews

DSC_0903DSC_0922University of Utah SWE, in partnership with the College of Engineering and Career Services, hosted our annual Mock Interviews event on January 28th. This was the largest interview event ever held in Career Center with 38 students, 17 interviewers, and 12 companies in attendance. The evening began with an introduction by the engineering career counselor, followed by three fifteen-minute interview sessions, and a mingling session with refreshments afterward. Every student was allowed at least one interview, and many were able to interview twice. DSC_0927We had companies from every engineering field, the public and private sector, and a combination of HR representatives and engineers.

While not in session, students attended a panel moderated by recent graduates. This panel consisted of Greater Salt Lake SWE members and graduated University of Utah collegiate members. We received a lot of positive feedback from students and companies, and we hope to host an even better Mock Interviews next year.

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U of U – Girl Scout Night

DSC_1210 DSC_1257On February 20th, SWE hosted our annual Girl Scout Night with the theme of Robots Rock! We had 90 girls attend and over 50 parents.  We had 35 volunteers, including 5 from EMC, one of our corporate sponsors.

We had four activity stations: alternative energy to power robots, simple circuits, programming, and Rube Goldbergs.  Rube Goldbergs and programming were the favorite activities, and all the activities were engaging and got the girls thinking like engineers. DSC_1262We work to engage the girls fro the moment they arrive by having student groups host interactive tables themed around STEM.  A favorite is the Chemical Engineering NSF outreach team. They bring fascinating fire demos! Working with other student groups also gives them an easy way to begin their clubs’ outreach, while taking some of the burden of planning off of SWE.

Overall, the girls had a great night and we look forward to many more years of Girl Scout Night.

UCLA’s “WOW! That’s Engineering” Event

image (11) image (10)This year, Wow! That’s Engineering day at UCLA was attended by 100 girl scouts and their parents. Volunteers from AECOM and SWE-LA also attended and helped the day run smoothly. The event began with a keynote speaker, Elizabeth San Miguel, the president of SWE-LA. The attendees really enjoyed hearing about her engineering journey and experiences building naval aircraft carriers and fighter jets. The girls then broke off into smaller groups and did activities like making glue slime and Rube Goldberg machines. Meanwhile, the parents learned about what it was like to be a woman engineer from a panel of SWE-UCLA officers and got inside information on the admissions process from a UCLA engineering academic counselor. They also got to hear from our SWE faculty adviser, Professor Shaily Mahendra. Afterwards, volunteers and attendees bonded over pizza for lunch, then regrouped to hear more about engineering from AECOM. The day ended with a showcase of engineering club projects, including everything from rockets and satellites to robots and genetically engineered silk. The event was very successful, and many girls and volunteers said they had a great time.

WISE Club Transfer Tour – San Diego State

The Bakersfield Community College WISE club took 14 STEM students, 10 of which were females, on a road trip down to SDSU to visit the campus, and more importantly, to scope out SDSU’s engineering facilities. SDSU’s Society of Women Engineers took them on a student-led tour to give them the down-to-earth student perspective of the College of Engineering. At SWE’s request, the SAE Baja Racing Team at SDSU agreed to give the WISE club a tour of the machine shop and a glimpse into the engineering world of design and fabrication. The WISE club also got a tour of the BioScience Center and shown some of the senior projects that were biology and health related.