Hot Topic: National Opportunities

National Conference for 2008 is now over but there are still dozens of opportunities for you to get involved with SWE at a National level. National involvement teaches you invaluable leadership skills, provides networking opportunities, and allows you to give back to SWE at the highest levels.

1. Become and RCR, RCNE, or Region Collegiate Senator: The senator position was created at the COR meeting held at National Conference so the specifics of the position are still under development, including requirements for the position. We do know, however, that the person filling the position will be representing the collegiate members of our region at the newly created Senate. I’ve already told you about the RCR position as it is today and you will notice that this Senate position allows RCRs in the future the ability to focus on helping sections out and ensuring students voices are heard at a regional level. In the next few weeks we’ll discuss in-depth the RCR/Senator/RCNE elections process but keep in mind one important date: December 5th. That’s when the call for nominations will occur for Fiscal Year 2010 (FY10).

2. Committee and Focus Interest Group (FIG) membership: Any SWE member can join a National Committee by simply applying to join. Committee membership allows you to have a say in how SWE conducts business in a particular area. What are you passionate about in SWE? I love SWEs outreach programs to high school students, so I may join the Outreach Committee. SWE’s Committees for FY 09 are as follows: Audit, Awards and Recognition, Bylaws, Collegiate Interests (CIC), Collegiate Leadership Coaching (CLC), COR Communication, COR Governance (FIG), Editorial Board, Finance, Government Relations & Public Policy, Leadership Coaching, Membership, Multi-Cultural, Outreach, Procedures, Program Development Grants, Scholarship, Tellers, and COR Mega Issues Taskforce. You can learn more about a particular committee by joining it’s public mySWE community – some committees also have private communities due to the sensitive nature of their work.

3. National Conference planning committee: Region B is very excited to have the 2009 National Conference in Long Beach, California. The planning committee is always looking for members, both local and not so local to join their planning efforts. Contact Shannon Pollack (shannonpollack at verizon dot net) for more information on how you can get involved.


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