Hot Topic: Rewarding Members

Your section members are the heart of your section. They plan programs, set up tables at student organization fairs, copy event flyers, seek funding from the college, and do numerous other essential tasks. But how do you thank them for everything they do?

Say Thank You

It sounds simple enough: say “Thank You.” Literally. A heartfelt thank you can mean everything to a frazzled event planner or last-minute volunteer. Tell them specifically how important their role was and how things would have never occurred without them. Be genuine.

Put it in writing

Handwritten notes may seem a thing of the past but that’s part of why their impact is so large. Receiving a thank you note in the mail has the wonderful ability of making someone feel exceptionally special and important. It shows you appreciated their time enough to go out of your way to note only write the note but locate their mailing address and put the note in the mail. Emails are easy, you can write one on your phone in two minutes. But a handwritten note, that has a huge impact.

Give a gift

I’m not saying you should bestow a $50 gift card to each officer at the end of the term, but a small gift can show your appreciation. Think spa items (like cooling masks, nail polish, and foot scrub), fun school supplies, or SWE-related gifts. Something they’ll use often and be reminded of your thanks.

Hold a banquet

Remember how every club in high school held a end-of-the-year banquet? Start a new tradition with SWE at your school. Book a room on campus, hire a campus catering company, and have a nice meal together. You can take time to thank your members in front of everyone plus everyone likes a free meal. Your section budget may not allow for this, but, if it does, you probably have a few members to thank for that.

Don’t forget your advisor and counselor

These two women are volunteers who give their valuable time to supporting your section. Without them, your section would have no sense of continuity year to year and would likely face difficulties with school and SWE-related policies. Do something special to thank them each year and they’ll be more likely to continue holding this important position within your section.


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