National Involvement

So, there are three main levels of involvement with SWE. They are: the sectional level, the regional level, and the national level.

The section level involves your school’s section. This is probably the most in-person interactions you will have with fellow SWE members. And for almost all members, this is where they find out about SWE and decide whether or not to join. Each SWE section has different socials and activities that they are doing. And I’d like to hear what sections are doing (leave a comment letting everyone know).

The region level involves everyone within your region. We are all in region B, and there are a lot of professionals and collegiates who hold leadership positions and help maintain our region. There also a few committees: awards, finance, outreach, procedures, and communications to name a few. The region B leadership holds conference calls once a month to keep all of us moving forward. If you are interested in running for a leadership position or would like to join one of the conference calls to see what it’s like, please email me or the RCRs for more information.

I would also like to remind everyone of our region’s goals this year:
1. 95% of our sections turn their section report in on time.
2. 50% of professional sections host a joint meeting with a collegiate section.
3. 85% member retention rate from last year (FY09).
4. Our “SWE”eter future combined efforts reaches out to at least 10,000 K-12 students.
5. Our leadership pipeline fosters 10 mentor/mentee relationships.

And now we get to the national level. The best way to get involved with the national level is to go to the Annual Conference. That is one of the best SWE experiences anyone can have. The national level also has people in leadership that keep our Society moving forward. At the head is our President, Nora Lin. There is also the Senate that includes two professionals and one collegiate from each section.

I would like to mention an activity that is going on this year that all sections are encouraged to participate in. SWE is celebrating its 60th anniversary. Sections are encouraged to hold a social to celebrate SWE and its 60th anniversary. I know it’s supposed to occur sometime next spring. I will have to continue researching it and get back to everyone with more information.


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