Meet the Candidates

Vote here. Voting ends on March 31.

* Ashlin Olsen
* Megan Adams
* Jasmine Harris
* Ellen Skow
* Cynthia Ma
* Brittney Pottenger
* Lucia Short
* Amanda Romero
* Christine Koloveas

For Region Collegiate Representative (we get to have two again next year):

Ashlin Olsen, Utah State University

Hello everyone! My name is Ashlin Olsen. I’m from a small town in Utah called Henefer (if you look at a map its in the corner that is missing…) I love music, reading, horses, playing board games, SWE, traveling to new places, and meeting new people. I’m an avid Aggie basketball fan and attend all the games cheering loudly in order to show my Aggie Pride! I’m currently studying Biological Engineering and loving life. I’m excited to get a chance to be RCR this coming year. I’m Utah State’s SWE section’s secretary for the ’09-’10 school year. I’ve been a member for two years and have attended Region B conference in Phoenix recently and Albuquerque last year. I want to be RCR next year so we can continue on the tradition of being a strong region. I want to create unity and find new ways for sections to communicate with each other. I feel I have some fresh ideas and can keep our region moving in the right direction! I’m excited to meet more people across the region, represent you, and share your ideas to make SWE a better organization for everyone.

Megan Adams, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Hello fellow Region B’ers! My name is Megan Adams and I am a Junior Mechanical Engineer at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. I am currently the AERO and ME major chair for Cal Poly SWE and the first runner up Ms. Engineer 2010! When I am not SWE-ing it and not ME-ing it, I am a Resident Assistant at an off campus dorm. I love singing in the shower, and unfortunately the walls are thin, so everybody gets to enjoy it too. I love driving, anywhere, anytime and it completely relaxes me to drive up the California coast when school is stressing me out. I am originally from Sydney, Australia, via Sacramento, CA and enjoy everything Australian including VEGEMITE! I am so excited to apply for RCR FY11, I want to be more involved with SWE, on a regional level, and maybe in the future nationally, and internationally, and intergalacticly! But seriously, I fell in love with SWE even more when I went to Annual Conference in Long Beach this year and learnt more about how to be involved in SWE. If I get the chance to become RCR, I will not be afraid to share my opinion and to be a liaison between you and the region.

Jasmine Harris, Weber State University

Hi everyone! My name is Jasmine Harris and I am a senior at Weber State University majoring in Manufacturing Engineering Technology. Before I decided to attend college I worked as a CNC machinist where I learned I wanted to pursue a career in engineering. I am currently working an internship as a Process Engineer at Autoliv and I love it! I have been the Collegiate President of the WSU SWE section for 1-1/2 years and a member of SWE for 2 years. My experience at the latest Region B and Annual conferences has been amazing and I really want to be more involved. I have organized many outreach events at Weber State University as well as increased membership and involvement in the WSU section. I am confident I can help you all do the same! I love being part of SWE and I would like to share what I have learned and help advance your SWE section in the upcoming year.

Ellen Skow, California State University, Long Beach

Hello! My name is Ellen Skow and I am a junior in mechanical engineering at California State University, Long Beach. I am running for Region Collegiate Representative because I want to help other sections grow by improving communication and promoting the collaboration of ideas between the collegiate sections. I also want to improve sections’ knowledge of how to effectively use SWE resources so that they can become more self-reliant in the future. I hope to provide ideas of how headquarters, regional, and professional sections may be able to assist your section. I attended the Annual and Regional Conferences this year and I gained new ideas and developed relationships through my contact with other collegiate and professional members; this contact allowed me to realize the potential the Society has to help sections grow and members succeed. I am currently the president of the CSU Long Beach SWE section, where our membership has grown, our outreach is continuing to improve, and we are initiating a network dinner this spring. I hope to be able to work with you next year, and if nothing else, meet you at the Regional or Annual Conference!

Cynthia Ma, University of California, Los Angeles

Greetings Region Bee~
Cynthia, who are you?
My name is Cynthia Ma, a third year Chemical Engineering at the University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA). I am also the Region B SWEFL (Future Leader). I am born and raised in Southern California. I like to sew, cook, and reading advertising news. ^^
Cynthia, what have you done for SWE?
Last year, I was the mentorship chair (yay!). I was in charge of SWE-UCLA’s Mentorship Program. I held 1+ event every three months to help freshman and transfer students adjust to college life and created a recruiting video.
This year, I am the treasurer! I am in charge of finances and fundraising opportunities.
Overall, I enjoy mentoring younger students and searching for improvements our chapter can use to attract new and to retain old members.
Cynthia, why should we choose you for Regional Collegiate Representative (RCR)?
I feel that RCR is the best position for me because I still want to connected with collegiate members but still learn how SWE operates at a regional and national level. More importantly, I really want to reach out to other sections and help them improve.
Before I attended CLF (the Collegiate Leadership Forum), I had thought SWE (for collegiates) was just isolated islands of student chapters. After CLF, I do not want any chapter to feel that at all. I want them to feel they supported by a united, international organization. National SWE really values the opinion of the collegiate members. One job of an RCR is to voice collegiate level problems to SWE to find a solution and I want to be a part of that ^^
I’ve talked to Katerine Gage and Annika Jensen (shame on you if you do not know who they are by now), the current Region B RCRs about the position that I was going to run. My main concern was time. Next year, I do not plan on having as many leadership roles as I had this year because I really want to dedicate more time in being a great RCR.
Cynthia, you did not answer all of my questions.
Ahhh, no problem. Email me at

For Region Collegiate Communications Editor:

Brittney Pottenger, University of Southern California

Hey everyone! My name is Brittney Pottenger and I’m a sophomore Industrial and Systems engineer at the University of Southern California. When physics isn’t stealing all my free time, I love to play tennis and sing. I’ve participated in several outreach programs to teach local school children about the applications of engineering and inspire high school girls to take on the challenge of an engineering major. Within my school’s SWE, I joined the committee to organize a charity event for Aviva this year. We’re planning a date auction for the engineering school’s ball. I’m excited for the opportunity to get more involved with SWE; as RCCE, I promise to always be on my A-game and keep everyone informed and excited about the latest and greatest!

Lucia Short, University of New Mexico

I was born on Kamchatka peninsula, Russia. I worked at the Institute of Volcanology, TV, and newspapers. When I moved to America in 2002, I decided to go back to school. After I learned English well enough, I entered the University. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of New Mexico and I am in my Junior year. I am presently a member of Kappa Mu Epsilon Mathematics Honor Society. My primary interest in the Computer Science realm is in computer and network security. Currently I am enrolled in the UGS student program at LANL. I work as a Web Assistant with Ecology and Air Quality group (EAQ) in the Environmental (ENV) Division. My goal is to serve the nation and contribute to the information systems and computer security area.

For Region Collegiate Senator:

Amanda Romero, Utah State University

Hey SWEsters!! I’m Amanda Romero, and I am a graduate student majoring in biological engineering at Utah State University. I’ve been involved with SWE since my freshman year in college. My various roles included: USU Fundraising Coordinator, USU Treasurer, and Region B Collegiate Communications Editor. My life pretty much revolves around school, work, my husband, my dog, and SWE. I love going to the SWE conferences and meeting people. It’s the best part about SWE. After sitting in the open session of the Senate Meeting at Annual Conference, I thought running for senator would suit me well. If elected, I look forward to serving my region as senator and seeing more familiar faces as well as meeting more people.

Christine Koloveas, Utah State University

Hello, my name is Christine Koloveas and I’m a junior in the mechanical engineering program at Utah State University. I’m debating between doing an aerospace emphasis and dealing with satellites or sticking with mechanical and designing roller coasters. In my spare time I have fun doing homework, falling asleep while reading textbooks, and studying for tests. This is my second year with SWE and I love it because SWE teaches me all the technical things I need to know in the professional world but they also know how to have fun. I would like to work with the different regions and make sure the leaders in SWE hear the collegiate voice.


One thought on “Meet the Candidates

  1. Looks like we’ve got a great lineup for next year’s region positions. Good luck to Ashlin, Amanda, and Christine from USU!

    Spencer Palmer (USU SWE webmaster)

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