Getting People Involved when Busy

I would like to let you all read what Katherine Gage had to say about keeping busy people involved:

I know it is hectic for me during midterm time but I try to find time to do something besides study; however, everyone deals with studying, stress and being busy differently. Here are a few of my suggestions to keep attendance up and continue to have successful events.

Write It Down
Whether it is a SWE meeting or project meeting, have everyone bring a list of what they have to do including when they have midterms. Try writing down all the ‘action’ items during and at the end of your meeting on a chalk board so everyone can see what the plans are. If one person has too many things on the list ask everyone else if they can help. Copy the list, send it out and cross everything off that was done off the list before your next meeting. It can give every group member a sense of accomplishment seeing what they have done. I have found it keeps people accountable.

Reward Your Members
Martha Addison mentioned this in her monthly article. Host a member appreciation day. Maybe it is as simple as giving everyone extra points for their balance card if they show up to the general meeting or maybe it’s having a free food at a meeting. Perhaps they get tickets for a raffle with a sweet prize for showing up.

Try Something New
I find sometimes if I know I am going to do the same thing when I am busy I do not want to come. If your section always has information sessions with companies add in an ice breaker, have a professor panel talk about how to prepare for midterms, or have a meeting about time management stratagies. Plan an outdoor activity maybe a hike, a yoga session or dodgeball game. Instead of having a speaker at your meeting reserve a couple of classrooms for a SWE study session and bring snacks.

Ask Your Members!
A simple survey at the beginning of the semester might help your section tune to your member needs. Ask them what days work well, how long would they attend different events, what was their favorite event, what do they want to learn more about, etc. Have a suggestions box at the meetings and make their feedback anonymous.

I am sure that you can think of many more ideas. Think about why you started participating in SWE – was it free food, friends, friends, philanthropy, a place to learn something new, or a way to build your resume?

As part of Region B it’s your turn to B creative.


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