EXTRA! RCR Update!

Greetings Region B’ers!
I would like to share some wonderful information with you. The Region B Collegiate Team has come up with the goal to have bylaws for EVERY section submitted & voted on by the end of November this year. How in the world are we going to accomplish this goal you say, well let me tell you. We already have more than ½ of our sections that have approved bylaws! Yay!! Plus, I am going to give you 3 good reasons why you should submit your bylaws.

  1. Bylaws are the rules that govern how our society is run. Every section, collegiate & professional, has a set of bylaws that govern how their section operates.
  2. It feels so good to be in good standing! Bylaws are a very important part of being in good standing. If your bylaws are not approved, you are not in good standing
  3. You no longer have them hanging over your head. Once submitted, you are done! The only time you have to change your bylaws is when the senate makes a mandatory change.

If you still are not convinced why you should submit your bylaws, then this last one should. We will be the FIRST region to have all of the collegiate bylaws submitted!

Now that you are thinking, I am sold! But how do I submit my bylaws? That part is easy!

  • Go to the Region B Blog regionb.wordpress.org
  • Click on the Resources tab
  • Click on the bylaws template

To submit them you only need to send them to bylaws-chair@swe.org. If you get stuck you can simply look on the resources page again and there is a file for the bylaws process, or you can e-mail the RCRs at swe.rcr.b@gmail.com. Once the committee approves your bylaws, they will request that your section vote on them. Sign at the bottom of your bylaws that you voted, return them to the bylaws chair and then, viola! You are done! So please, submit your bylaws and be sure to vote on them after the committee has sent them back to you (and be sure to send them back after voting).

If you have ANY questions at all please contact us ASAP at swe.rcr.b@gmail.com


Cynthia Ma & Jasmine Harris
Your Region B RCR’s

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