It’s SME Bowl Time!

The rules for SME Bowl are the same as prior years —

Only 1 time participation is allowed – if a collegiate has participated
in SME Bowl in prior years, she may not participate again (and yes, we
check prior years’ participants to confirm). Each Region is permitted to
have 5 team members, maximum. If you can’t get 5 members, you can
compete with less..or you may ‘borrow’ team members from other Regions.
But if the Region places, the Region prize money goes to the designated
Region only (ie: If Region A’s team includes a team member from Region B
and places 1st, all $2,000 will go to Region A only).  Although, the
individuals receive their own prize money (so in my prior example, the
Region B team member would receive her own $100 individual cash prize).]

Recall that each 1st/2nd/3rd place team receives the following cash
1st: $2,000 to the Region, $100 for each team member, 2nd: $1,500 to the
Region, $75 to each team member, 3rd: $1,000 to the Region, $50 to each
team member.

When Regions submit their Team member info, they should include an
alternate member…this is in the event that one of the 5 listed team
members ends up unable to attend (due to a workshop, job interview or
tour conflict not previously identified).  Since we check the team
members to confirm no prior participation, we like to know who the
alternate may be ahead of time.

Once the Region Team plays their first round, they may not swap/change
team members.

Here is the Team sign-up sheet, please have the list completed at the
Region Meetings and submitted to the ExxonMobil booth during the Career
Fair on Thursday or Friday.

If you have questions/concerns at Conference, please don’t hesitate to
contact me: (310) 977-1422 or at this email, which I check regularly.

Irene V. Hodor


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