December Hot Topic – Keeping Members Excited about SWE

Whether you’ve just finished up your semester, trimester, or quarter – break is here for all of us and it is definitely a time to drain our brains of the massive quantities of fluid mechanics and linear programming that was recently jammed into it. Unfortunately, as we unwind and take a step back to look at all we’ve accomplished in the last four months, it’s common that we feel as if we’ve done enough for a while, and motivation falters. So how do we make sure that our SWE members don’t come back to school with no ambition to stay involved? How can we keep our sections as energetic and excited as a pack of middle school boys? Well, there’s no real solution to this age-old question. But here are some ideas:

Send Out First Semester/Trimester/Quarter Success Stories: Send out an e-mail of facebook message that recounts all the great events thrown in the last four months along with a few exciting pieces of news. For instance, maybe at a corporate meet and greet one of your members received an internship for the upcoming summer. Or perhaps someone recently won a professional/collegiate/SWE scholarship in which their involvement with SWE helped them differentiate themselves. Not only will this e-mail inspire members to get more involved next semester, it will also help keep those connections strong over break.

Create a suggestion box: Allow members to input ideas for events for the next semester. Then make a list of all the submitted ideas and send them out in an e-mail so members can vote on the ones they like best. Make sure to implement at least one in the next few months.

Send out an agenda: Get members excited about what is to come by sending out a list of upcoming events. February 20-26th is National Engineering Week. My school holds a big gala that culminates the week that is exclusive to engineers and their dates. If you have the budget, consider holding a celebration that week that only SWE members and their dates can attend, or maybe suggest your student government holds one and ask that SWE members get discounted tickets.

If you have any other ideas feel free to e-mail them in to me!


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