Hot Topic: Preparing Future Leaders

As the second half of our year is getting into the full swing of things, thinking about who is going to take over leadership for your section should be beginning to crawl to the front of your mind. Who is suitable to lead the great organization that is SWE? Some easy ways to identify future leaders for your section of SWE are as follows:

1) Track attendance: if you’ve been diligent about keeping track of which of your members attend what events, then you might be able to quickly tell who is the most involved. Involved members tend to have the most passion for SWE as they generally know the most people and have the greatest attachment to it. These people have made time for SWE events and probably either feel too young to take on a leadership role or possibly didn’t even consider it an option. Directly contact any members that fall into this category and educate them on the opportunities to lead within your sections.

2) Committee members: these are the obvious targets. These members have already shown an interest in taking a leadership role within your section and have now spent the last year learning the ropes. They are now well educated in the internal structure of the organization and what it takes to hold a major leadership role. You should highly encourage every single committee member to at least continue some form of leadership in the continuing years.

3) Long-term members: many SWE members have been involved within the organization for 2-3 years but never taken an initiative to do anything more than attend events. These members take the most work in reaching out to. Seeing as they’ve been active as members for a long period of time, they know what the organization is all about and understand the kind of events planned and most likely know a lot of what is done behind the scenes. However, due to a lack of motivation to do more than just attend, they have maintained purely member status. Get to know your members to ensure that they have a deeper connection to your section and then make sure that your leaders inspire their friends to get more involved!


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