Hot Topic: How to Utilize SWE in your Professional Career

This month’s hot topic is how to make use of SWE after college! Many of you might not even be aware that SWE even offers membership beyond college. Professional sections exist beyond collegiate sections all over the United States and are now even expanding abroad. If you were a smart cookie and became a C2C (Collegiate to Career) member with SWE, then you already know the benefits that continuing your membership can have. Beyond the further networking opportunities and support of all the professional sections, your future company probably will be delighted with your continued involvement; many Professional SWE Members get sent by their work to the conferences every year to speak at the career fairs, and help get their company’s name and purpose advertised by someone who can connect with the collegiates. Beyond all this, staying involved with SWE after college can help you be mentored and become a mentee to other women engineers. This not only will serve as an inspiration to you to continue to achieve and grow professionally, but also will help inspire future generations to continue blazing a trail of greatness and success within the field of engineering.


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