RCR Post: The Power of SWE.org!

Many of you may not have had the chance to explore the Society website swe.org. If you take a minute you may find a few resources that may even kick start your career!


A couple of weeks before WE11 Annual conference in Chicago, I uploaded my resume and created a profile on careers.swe.org. This is the premier electronic recruitment resource for the industry and recruiters and employers have a the most qualified pool of applicants with relevant experience to fulfill open jobs. Best of all? It is free to use as a paid SWE member. Fast forward to a week before conference, I received a phone call from one of the leading corporations in the energy industry that they wanted to interview me in Chicago and they had seen my profile on careers.swe.org! Talk about fast results! Seeing how I will be graduating soon I was so relaxed going into the Career Fair at Chicago knowing that I already had an interview set up! The Interview went really well and I learnt more about the company while at conference. I could really see myself being a part of the company and was so excited that I could use all of my SWE experience as talking points within my interview. Fast forward to three weeks later, and I received an email that I had made it to a second round interview and they were going to fly me across the country for it! WOW! I was so surprised and excited. Within the week I was on a plane and at the interview where there was an excellent networking dinner the night before the interviews and a chance to talk to managers that were high up within the engineering positions within the company. There were students from all across the nation attending this networking dinner and I was proud to reference SWE as my experience and many people were impressed with our society as it clearly holds such a high reputation. The next day the interviews went well also! I did some sight-seeing before heading home. Now I am eagerly awaiting their decision. I can attribute all these experiences to SWE with the click of a button I uploaded my resume to careers.swe.org. I suggest you do the same because you never know what company will be looking for someone with SWE experience and leadership qualities.




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