RG Post: Up and Running!

Hello! This is Kerrie Greenfelder, the Sonora Region Governor, and I’ve written this guest post for the
collegiate blog.

First, a little about me and SWE: I’ve had a long and prosperous SWE “career” here in Region B, starting as the Central New Mexico Section Secretary, then a Section Representative, on up to Lt. Governor and now Governor. I’ve loved every minute of my SWE service and I can’t even begin to count how many SWE pals I’ve made over the year because of my involvement. I feel blessed to be a part of the Sonora Region and especially proud to be a part of the Central New Mexico Section!

I wanted to write a little post today about the inspiration that I’ve received from so many of my Sonoran pals for… RUNNING! I’ve never in my life been a runner (or much of an exerciser, for that matter) and I’ve sat idly by watching (via Facebook mostly) my SWE pals compete in 5K races, 10K’s, half and full marathons, and even “Iron [Wo]Man” competitions! Well because of these amazing women, I’m on track (ha!) to compete in my first 10K race…IN HAWAII! That’s right, I said Hawaii! Just after the region conference, I’ll be running alongside my SWE pals in O’ahu!

This new lifestyle and rigorous training program would never have come to fruition without the inspiration of these amazing women:

Amy Jo Bowdidge (SWE-Salt Lake City),

Deb Willems (SWE-Central Coast),

Jennifer Dugan (SWE-Central New Mexic0),

Erin McGinnis (SWE-Los Angeles),

Ashley Pietz (SWE-Santa Clara Valley, CA),

Wendy Obenauf (SWE-Portland, OR), and

Lana Fountain-Flakes (SWE-BOD).

And that’s just a FEW of my SWE pals that have talked me into, ahem, motivated and encouraged me to do this! But to be honest, I’m loving it! I’m challenging myself more than I ever thought I would and I’m thrilled to be inspired by such amazing women! If you’ll be in Hawaii on March 4, 2012 (Sunday), join me! More info here: http://www.hawaiipacifichealth.org/womens10k/!

So if you find yourself wanting a challenge, I encourage you to not only try something new (like running!), but also to try out a leadership position with the Society of Women Engineers! SWE provides a safe and open environment to test your leadership skills.

I’m definitely proud of my own successes within SWE, but I’m even more proud of the Region Collegiate Team (pictured with me below) and of all of the great things they’ve done for the Sonora Region this year!


One thought on “RG Post: Up and Running!

  1. Go Kerrie! I love that SWE can encourage us to do great things, even things outside of technical world, outreach, professional development, etc.

    Collegiates, Come watch Kerrie run in Hawaii. Register for the conference! Register for the Race! See you on the beach!

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