Hot Topic: Resolve Your Resolution

At the beginning of the new year, people like to reflect on their past year and make new resolutions. It’s a great time to think about what you’ve done and how you can improve yourself for the next year. While it doesn’t have to be a yearly thing, a lot can be gained from doing this each semester as well.

Think back to the goals you set for yourself last year or semester and how well did you do with each goal.  Did you accomplish everything?  Were you lacking in certain areas?   Did you even set goals for last year/semester?  How would you like to improve from last year/semester? These questions are great starters to help you accomplish whatever it is you wanted to do.

When you are deciding what your resolutions for this year/semester are, don’t forget the S.M.A.R.T. method for making sure they are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-targeted.  Now, I know you have heard of that before so I’m not going to go into a lot of details about it, I am just going to share some of my resolutions and goals for myself and how I plan to work on them.

1. Strive to become more healthy by eating better balanced meals and by exercising.  As I was deciding on this resolution for this year, I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just something I would pass off at the end of the year thinking, sure I did better  but actually thinking how much better did I do?  I set smaller goals that include things like exercising at least twice a week and walking stairs instead of elevators as much as possible.  I also have some larger goals like getting in shape to run a 5K before I graduate.  Having both the smaller goals and the larger ones will help me track how well I am doing throughout the year.

2.  Graduate!  This has been a long term goal for my for a while, but I am almost to the finish line.  I have many things I need to finish up during a certain timeline to be able to accomplish this.  Something that has been helpful to me is having a checklist with all the things I need to do and when they need done.

3.  Getting more involved in SWE on a professional level.  This is probably one my more challenging goals this year.  I will be finishing up school this year and I want to stay involved with SWE.  Participating in SWE as a collegiate has been easy because my section is a very active section.  However, once I graduate, I will be a Member At Large (MAL) because there isn’t a professional section near me.  This doesn’t mean I can’t be involved anymore, it just means I have to put in more effort to stay involved.  I am still working out the details on this one.  But, some of my plans are to meet with other women at Region Conference and see what they do to stay involved as professionals, talk to other MALs and see what they would suggest I do, and look into different committees I can be involved with.

If you have any suggestions or tips about setting goals or how to achieve them, let me know!


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