Guest Post: Money, Money, Money!

2012 Western Regions Conference  – It’s not too late to be part of it!

Money, money, money!

It’s a never-ending focus in our lives and in these economic times. We’re constantly balancing budgets at home, at work, and at school. So, deciding whether or not to travel to the upcoming 2012 Western Regions Conference comes under intense scrutiny.

Living in Alaska, we scrutinize travel more closely than most. While many of you can drive or take a cheap hop to one of the regular region conferences, I have to fly. So, deciding whether or not to attend a SWE region conference because of travel costs isn’t a once in every five years decision. It’s every year and every conference.

And prior to 2006, I was with you:

• “It’s too expensive.”

• “I don’t have time.”

• “It’s not worth the cost.”

But in 2006, my section hosted the Region J conference and for the first time since I joined SWE, I felt connected far beyond Anchorage. What I gain by attending the region conference each year IS worth the cost. This is why I haven’t missed once since, even when my employer wasn’t able to support me.

I love the region conferences! And here are a few reasons why:

• There are a lot of women but not so many that I feel lost or overwhelmed. I am able to make personal and lasting connections.

• It’s nice to put faces with the names of the people I email regularly.

• I love meeting not only my peers, but the women before and behind me – the up and coming collegiates and the founding “mothers” who helped build SWE before me. I get to share my experiences and learn from theirs!

• I’ve made friends outside my region so if I ever have to travel solo for SWE or for work, I’m never really alone.

Melissa is a member in Region J!


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