Why join the Region Collegiate Team?

The deadline for applying for Regional Positions (RCR, RCCE, and Senator) has been extended until February 22nd!If you are still interested in applying for any position, you still have time!

Here is a list of some of the many benefits of holding a region position:

  • You’ll have the opportunity to travel to somewhere fun during summer (all expenses paid!) and receive leadership training at the Collegiate Leadership Forum.  Next year they’ll be going to Minneapolis, Minnesota!
  • Become a better public speaker by giving several presentations (conferences, conference calls, etc)
  • Meet the President of SWE, Board of Directors, and lots of other imporant people who have been involved for many years.
  • Network with other collegiate leaders outside your section and make friends that will last for years!
  • Learn about SWE’s mission and apply it to help struggling sections across the Region.  You’ll learn to deal with difficult situations and help solve conflict.
  • You get to attend Annual and Regional Conferences!
  • Looks fantastic on a resume!

I have really loved being the RCCE this year and letting you all know about the exciting things going on!  I have loved the opportunity to get to know some of you at annual conference and am excited to get to meet some of you at regional conference!  I have definitely loved working with Megan, Vicki, Kim, Jeannette, and Kerrie! I highly recommend applying for a position!

Here is the RCT at Annual Conference!

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