RCR Post: Valuable Online Tools!

Hey Region B! This is Vicki Ragsdale, one of your RCRs! I wanted to take a minute to share with you one of the most valuable online tools I have found when it comes to company searching and interviews. It is called Glassdoor. It is free to sign up and offers an insiders view into many engineering companies.

How does it work? Well people who work at a company or who have had interviews at a company are asked to provide some sort of information about said company. This information can range from opinions about the company president, to interview questions and even salaries.


The most useful thing I found was the interview questions. Before I have an interview, I look up the company and see what kind of questions they have asked to other potential employees. Occasionally people will actually say what their answer was, or what they wish their answer could have been.


In addition, they produce some really useful articles, like this one discussing the Top 25 Oddball Interview Questions submitted in 2011 and what people’s answers have been. As a sneak peek, a couple of questions are “How many people are using Facebook in San Francisco at 2:30 on a Friday?” (Google) and “Does life fascinate you?” (Ernst & Young). These are actually really engaging and could make for a great SWE workshop!


Good luck with another semester! I hope this website it useful for each of you!



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