Aloha! From Hawaii!!!


Conference was a blast this year!  There were some awesome tours that people went on, there were some great workshops and last but not least, we were in HAWAII!!!  I have never been to Hawaii before but, boy was it fun!  We had a great conference and were able to meet a lot of people from Regions A and J as well!  I think we should do joint conferences every year!

Some of my favorite parts about conference were:

Tthe breakfast keynote speaker!  Katie Snapp from Skirt Strategies offered a lot of advice about being a woman in the workforce!  She was very motivating and she even has a book called “Skirt Strategies: 249 Success Tips for Women in Leadership” and I am very excited to read it!

I also really enjoyed the collegiate region B meeting.  Four schools (CSU Fullerton, New Mexico Tech, UC Irvine and UC Riverside) and Spencer Palmer won awards for their photo submissions and blog post! The photo above is from that meeting!

And one of my absolute favorite things was being able to attend the luau where the Hawaiian Islands became an official professional section of SWE!  How cool is that?!?!

What were some of your favorite parts of 2012 SWE Regions Joint Conference?!?!

Overall, it was a fantastic conference and I’m excited to see you all in Salt Lake City, Utah next year for Region B’s conference!


P.S. Here is the slides from the collegiate meeting!


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