Reminder: End of Year Reports, Competitions and Awards

Hey guys, sorry there hasn’t been much posts lately.  I guess that happens at the end of the year with everyone busy.  Anyways, here are some things to remember as you finish off FY12!

Financial Reports and Annual Reports are due by June 30 at the absolute latest! These are really important and not that hard to do so make sure you get them in.  Also be sure to cc the RCRs!

SWE Technical Poster Competition abstracts are due June 15.  This is a great opportunity to show off any research you have been apart of!  And if you get accepted, you get free registration for SWE annual, some travel money to get there and a chance to win $500!

Section Award Applications for Communication, Membership, Outreach, Professional Development and Multicultural awards are due by July 1.  This is a great way to show off how great your section was this past year!

There are a lot of different reports and competitions, if you have any  questions about any of them, feel free to email any of us or the people in charge of the specific one you have questions about.  We hope you had an excellent year with us!



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