Will you be my SWE Valentine?

What did you do for Valenties Day? SWE members at the UCR section celebrated the holiday with each other! Read about their themed social event below.

“Streamers, the colors red and pink, and star balloons turned one of our conference rooms into an area ready for a valentine themed event.  The day after Valentine’s Day, SWE UCR invited all to attend and participate in the Annual SWE Valentine Auction in order to raise money for our section.  Twenty volunteers from other organizations and engineering backgrounds were auctioned off for a fun night of activities, dinner and a movie.   The night started with a quick round of speed dating.  Volunteers and buyers got a chance to talk with one another before placing their bids.  By mingling beforehand, people were more open to bidding on someone who they would enjoy being around for a night.  During the event, gifts, such as homemade cupcakes and candy, were given away as raffle prizes.

UCR Speed Dating

Once all the volunteers were paired off with their bidders, the newly formed couples began the activities.  The first activity involved a balloon relay race.  Couples had to guess a song by having one partner hum it and then rush to pop a balloon at the next station.  Afterwards, the event ended with a delicious Chinese dinner while watching “50 First Dates.”  Everyone that attended had a wonderful time playing games, dancing to music and winning prizes.”


Sounds like fun UCR! Maybe I’ll have to ask you to be my valentine next year! 😉


One thought on “Will you be my SWE Valentine?

  1. This is a really interesting and fun idea that we may want to try at our section. It looks like you had an excellent turn out. What mode of advertising did you use? Did you advertise to the student body in general or just to club members? You said it was an annual event; how many years has it been going on?

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