Why do Women Leave STEM in College?

SWE Headquarters (HQ) recently shared this article via the Facebook page. It’s a very interesting read, and takes only about 10 minutes (trust me, you have the time to spare!!). The article looks into why women left STEM majors at one university, and why our society needs to be more supportive of half of our population.

Class of 2013: What’s Pushing Women Out of the Sciences

by Bruce Kasanoff



2 thoughts on “Why do Women Leave STEM in College?

  1. I think this article makes a great point about why women choose to drop out of the STEM field. I think the major reason for why women pursue other majors though is because a lot of us aren’t encouraged to go into the STEM field in the first place. From observing my little cousins’ Christmas gifts, I noticed that most of the girls received barbie dolls and little dollhouses. On the other hand, my male cousins received Legos and other toys that would spark their creativity levels. Kids can think about different ways of using Legos. I don’t see that many girls receive robotic toys or Legos as gifts as much. This idea may not apply to everyone, but it is just something I have noticed for a while.

  2. This articles brings up some great points, and I am lucky that the school I attend has already taken many steps to changing the male to female ratio in classes. I’ve had a couple of teachers say “he” when describing examples of situations in class, but then quickly make it a “he or she” to not descriminate. Although it draws more attention to his almost mistake, I appreciate them trying to change their mindset.

    The collegiate section of the Society of Women engineers at my school is also a great support system for us women in engineering. While most of my classes are mainly, if not all male, it is nice having other females to interact with that also face similar situations within their majors. As we move into our professional lives, we will take these ideals with us and continue to change the way the engineering world is!

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