UofU Kick Off Social!

University of Utah SWE kicked off the school year with a great opening social! We had over 40 students stop by to show their interest and learn about SWE. We enticed everyone to come with rolls upon rolls of sushi and door prizes as well! We gave away SWE t-shirts, spider plants, candles and Einstein’s Bagels gift cards. Everyone that stopped by participated in an icebreaker, so that they could all get to know each other, and so that they could get to know the SWE leadership as well!

The event ended up being a great opportunity to get to know the incoming and transfer students in engineering, as well as reconnect with the returning students. Everyone had a great time sharing about their experiences in SWE and engineering in general thus far, and it was a great way to let everyone know SWE’s presence on campus, and how great of a resource it can be! The opening social got everyone excited for future events and involvement in our great section!


2 thoughts on “UofU Kick Off Social!

  1. I loved the U’s SWE Opening Social! In the 3 years I’ve been part of SWE now I think that was the most memorable by far. I have never been to another student event that had SUSHI as the free food! And it was delicious too!

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