UC – San Diego Graduate School Panel

This past general body meeting for SWE at UC San Diego, we hosted a graduate school panel for our members. The panel consisted of two mechanical engineering graduate students (from the MAE department of grad-WISE Women in Science and Engineers), two bioengineering students, and one chemistry student from SWIGS (Society for Women In Graduate Studies). We had over 40 girls attend the meeting and the panel.
The meeting started out with an engaging ice breaker called “people bingo”, which involves each person receiving a bingo card describing characteristics of people such as “is left handed” or “is graduating this year”. After the ice breaker, the officers gave some upcoming information to the members, followed by a talk from our faculty advisor about how to succeed as a first year. Then the panelists were introduced, and the members were free to ask questions. Many of the questions revolved around the benefits of a Masters degree versus a PhD, focusing on time, money, and job opportunities. It seemed that many first year students were unclear on the life behind a PhD student, and we hope the panel helped to clear the air. It also seemed that some of the fourth year students were getting helpful advice on where to choose a PhD career path for themselves. Regardless of future career options, it was apparent that getting a viewpoint on a PhD career was beneficial to all the members present. We hope to do more work with UCSD graduate students in the future.



6 thoughts on “UC – San Diego Graduate School Panel

  1. That sounds like such a great panel, I know a lot of our members think about industry versus continuing a degree.

  2. This is a great event! We usually do a panel of women engineers for our Day in the Life outreach program, but we haven’t done one for university students. Hopefully we can implement that in the future.

    Caroline Biggs
    University of Utha

  3. I like that you use your faculty advisor as a resource. I always find that I enjoy talks from our faculty advisor the most. I also wonder how you did your advertising to get over 40 people there. That seems like a lot to me.

    University of Utah

  4. I really like that this event focused on studies beyond undergraduate studies! As a grad student myself, I have haven’t attended (or seen) an event through my collegiate SWE specifically about graduate studies. It sounds very beneficial to all members!

  5. Carina,

    We flier a lot. At UCSD that means we put small fliers (size of an index card) onto the backs of chairs in lecture halls. We tend to focus on large lecture halls where the lower div engineering classes are held. We do this for the 2-3 days prior the event. In the rooms we flier, we also write on the blackboard, (on the very side, out of the way of the professor), which are usually saved up there for the whole day, if the professor is nice and doesn’t erase it.

    We’ve also noticed that if we offer a prize to the first x-number of people that show up, we get a lot more attendees. It can get expensive, so we mostly hand out old SWE goodies that we have stockpiled up.

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