UCLA – Open House!

Once again, our Open House was a major success! On October 3rd, Boetler Penthouse was packed with prospective female and, yes, male SWE members. We ordered In-n-Out that night and it was gone within twenty minutes–not necessarily surprising. The board introduced themselves and went over a general Powerpoint of the club and its many benefits and events: informational sessions, Evening With Industry, and its newly formed Families just to name a few. Each board member had a chance to speak about their event and entice potential members to commit to joining: committees were highly supported for freshmen or any member looking to become more involved.

At the end, t-shirts were given out to the lucky few to answer specific questions in the presentation. Students were allowed to sign up for open positions on committees and were encouraged to ask current board members questions or just network. A great number stayed after to ask questions and get to know the current board, some even expressed great interest in joining the club and committees. Overall, the night was a definitely triumph and the number of women engineers seemed to be even larger compared to previous years. It is extremely rewarding to see that SWE is going to see an increase in members, both male and female, for the 2013 – 2014 academic year!

UCLA Open House!


4 thoughts on “UCLA – Open House!

  1. This is an awesome idea and sounds like it was a great success! Just reading that you ordered In-N-Out makes me hungry, also a great idea to order from there. I also liked that you gave out t-shirts to people who answered questions about the presentation. Good work!

  2. In-n-Out Burger?! That sounds like a great open house. Now I must know, we’re they SWE shirts or In-n-Out shirts you gave away? 😉

  3. I would like to hear more about the committees, how successful are they among your section and how do you keep them consistently involved? I know that is a focus for my section this year and would love to hear about a strong program!

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