Jenica Hillyard – RCR

I am a junior in the Civil Engineering program at Utah State University. I have been a member of SWE for 4 years IMG_3779now and have held many officer positions including collegiate section president. This year I am also a paddler for the USU concrete Canoe team, which is a lot of fun. Outside of engineering, I love being in the outdoors, whether that be hiking, boating, dirt biking, fishing, or skiing! And no matter where I go or what I do, I’ve always got my camera there snapping away millions of pictures. I’m married to the coolest guy out there, who also happens to be an engineer – go figure.

I absolutely love the being involved in SWE and find the opportunities for personal and professional growth extremely beneficial. SWE also offers lots of great leadership experience on many different levels. I chose to run for Region Collegiate Representative (RCR) because I wanted to take my knowledge of SWE to the next level and share my SWE experience with other collegiate sections. This position has provided me with really great leadership experience as well as teamwork skills. It has opened my eyes to the society and given me encouragement as an aspiring woman engineer.

Jenica Hillyard

Region B RCR


One thought on “Jenica Hillyard – RCR

  1. This post is very inspiring! Your experience with SWE and college in general sounds very beneficial to the advancement of women in engineering and I applaud your efforts. The importance of leadership involvement is evident as well. Thank you for sharing!

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