Week of Welcome

Before every school year starts, all the freshmen and transfer students arrive on the Cal Poly campus early to settle in and more importantly participate in the Week of Welcome (WOW). This is sometimes their first real experience on campus away from their parents and it is action packed! Clubs are such a huge part of school life, so one of those orientation days starts off with Club Showcase.

Club Showcase is a time for any club to set up a booth and promote themselves, and CP SWE surely wanted to participate! It was a really great turnout not only for the entire event, but SWE as well. We had about 300 freshmen stop by. Most were already familiar with our club through our Big/Little Sib program where we pair incoming freshmen with SWE members to help with the transition to college.

At the booth we passed out half sheet calendars with all of the events we had planned so far for that quarter. We hoped they would take them and cherish it forever (or at least till the end of the quarter). We had raffle tickets for the giveaway that would occur at the first general meeting. We hoped this would bring them back to the meeting and it worked! We filled the entire room, standing space only, and ran out of about 40 pizzas! I think the Club Showcase was a huge success to promote SWE and inform them of how great the organization is.

We plan on creating the Quarter-Long Event sheets for winter, because it was such a great reference. It benefited not only the freshmen, but general members and officers as well!

photo_4 photo_1 20131002_182801


2 thoughts on “Week of Welcome

  1. you guys found great ways to draw in new members. It looks like those event sheets really worked! That is a great way to get information out. And the raffle ticket idea is a good one too.

    University of Utah

  2. I had a lot of fun doing and planning this event. I think it worked really well. We had a LOT of people come and sign up. Although not everyone came to the first meeting, the people that did brought their friends, so it was still really successful.

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