Recognize your Members!

imgresPeople like to be recognized for things they do, especially if they’ve gone above and beyond to do something!  Those who are happy are more likely to stay with an organization and SWE members are no different!  As section leaders, it’s our job to make sure that these people are being recognized for their hard work and dedication.

A few ways to recognize members for their efforts:

1) Have an Officer of the Month Award.  During a meeting, give a small speech about what they’ve done and give them a small reward (a gift card usually works pretty well).  Tell others what they did to achieve this award, chances are others will also want to be recognized and will start working towards this goal too!

2) Have an End of the Year Dinner.  Here you can hand out certificates for members and officers in various categories; “Most Likely to Step Up”, “Most Helpful”, “Most Likely to Make You Laugh”, etc.  This way you can recognize multiple people at once and spread the excitement.

3) Create a Points System.  Sometimes people need motivation and sometimes the best motivation is a competition.  Create a Point System for your officer and/or members with an enticing end goal.  You may get a bunch of people that are suddenly very motivated to do things!

4) Add a “Member of the Quarter/Semester” to your Newsletters.  This will give recognition not just in your section but also to everyone on the email list.  Alumni of your section and other individuals love knowing what’s happening and keeping them in the loop for how your section’s doing because of an individual’s hard work is a great way to also keep them involved.

Motivation is a key part in anything.  People who aren’t motivated are much more likely to stop working and start slacking off.  This can be devastating to any section, so keep the motivation up.  The recognition of people who are helping your section is a great way to keep people involved, so give the above tips a try or come up with your own!


2 thoughts on “Recognize your Members!

  1. I really like these suggestions! We do apply some of these practices at our section, but there is always room for improvement! Here are some places where our practices vary.

    Whenever we have prizes for officers or members we try to give out some of our SWE swag – t-shirts, waterbottles, mugs, etc. That way they further promote SWE!

    We used to have a point system for all members on a member card, but it was hard to establish and follow all the points so we stopped the idea. This year we brought it back, but differently. We have official member cards with their name and member number, but also some discounts from local restaurants that we worked over summer to attain. It doesn’t recognize the members, but it makes it feel more official and rewarding from the start!

  2. Over time, we’ve implemented all of these practices. Every meeting we have a “super swebee” where the member with the highest attendance points gets an award and some SWE swag. As Jessie said, we love to give out SWE swag (and we’ve accumulated a lot over the years!) because it further promotes SWE.

    The points system does have a few kinks, and it could use improvements. We’ll look into getting the local restaurants to participate, that sounds like a great idea!

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