Around The World Potluck

Three Cal Poly SLO clubs, Society of Women Engineers, Society of Hispanic Scientists and Engineers, and Society of Black Scientist and Engineers decided to work together by forming DCAB and organize events every quarter. DCAB stands for Diversity Club Advisory Board. The goal of DCAB is to promote diversity, empower underrepresented students in Engineering, and improve interclub friendship. By organizing “Around the World Potluck” in fall quarter, DCAB tried to achieve its goal. The planning for the event started in summer via video chat and emails. After discussing different options, we decided to have a potluck because we had a huge success organizing similar event last year. When the class started, we met once a week for half an hour to an hour planning the details of the event. We divided the tasks and budget at those meeting, but also helped one another if needed. Because we started planning early for the event, we had a huge success this year too event though the event was right before Thanksgiving Break.
Around the World Potluck occurred on Friday, November 22 at 6 pm at Advanced Technology Laboratory. We invited members of all three clubs part of DCAB to come, encouraged them to bring dishes to share, and socialize with people they did not know. In that way, we hoped that members of those different clubs would be able to share information about their clubs as well as learn about other two clubs. We also invited guests who hold significant positions at Cal Poly to show their support to interclub event such as this. At the event, approximately 130 members attended over 60 of them were SWE members. We had four guests at the event. We had Annie Holmes who is Executive Director of University Diversity and Inclusivity, Dr. Jean DeCosta who is Dean of Students, Dr. Fred DePiero who is Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Curriculum, and Scott who is a representative from Lockheed Martin.
As a part of DCAB, we will have at least two more events this year. One will be Trivia Night in Winter Quarter and Leadership Workshop in Spring Quarter. But because we were hugely successful at the event, we are planning to organize “Around The World Potluck” every year and possibly expand it more.

DSCN1168 IMG_4717 IMG_4727 IMG_4742 IMG_4754

3 thoughts on “Around The World Potluck

  1. This was such a great event! I am very content that I went, and am eager to go to this event next year. It was nice to have a chance to talk to the guests and learn more about DCAB.

  2. This event is awesome! I was able to meet so many people I have not seen for months, as well as new people. The food was great and I really enjoyed the guest speakers. You did a very great job of planning everything in details. It seemed like everyone else was enjoying the event as well. This was a good opportunity for those who could not go home for Thanksgiving. It really made everyone happy. I liked the idea of competing the best food. However, one thing I thought we need were more tables. I found some people eating outside of the ATL, and if we had more tables, more people could fit in the room. This should be a regular event every year so that we promote diversity in engineering as well as at Cal Poly!

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