B.I.G. Expo

On Saturday, January 11th, some SWE officers volunteered for the Girl Scouts B.I.G. Expo at the Palm Springs Convention Center. The Believe in Girls (B.I.G.) Expo featured activities such as entertainment from Disney and Nickelodeon and exhibitions from the SWE-OC. The volunteers taught some of the girls about engineering by demonstrating experiments such as making lemon batteries and testing them.

With these exhibitions, the girls learned more about science and how exciting it can be to become an engineer. Furthermore, we hope that by exposing them to several science experiments, they will be more eager to learn about science and engineering.

IMG_4347 IMG_4355 IMG_4359

2 thoughts on “B.I.G. Expo

  1. What was the general age spread for those in attendance? We often find it difficult to create age appropriate activities for a wide range. You mentioned you had a few experiments – did this allow different levels of difficulty for each one?

  2. The general range of girl scouts varied from as what looked 5 years old to teenage girls. I agree, it’s difficult to find an activity that is suited for a wide range.
    One way we work around that difficulty is by choosing a fun activity that most of the kids will enjoy. In this case, there were two, a lemon battery and a “Operation” style game. The connection between the two had to do with the electrical aspect of the activity. Although some children may be too young to fully understand everything, we try to bring it to there level when we explain what is going on and relate the activity to something familiar at home. When talking to older kids, they understand more and we can explain more about the science behind it with more technical terms.
    I think the way to go about an activity for a wide range of children is based on the level of explanation. It’ll be hard for a younger child to understand really technical things so it shouldn’t be explained that way. But for the most part, I find that kids like hands on activities a little more. So gearing activity choices towards that is a good way to go.

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