Recruiting: How?

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 11.03.47 AMEvery year, each and every organization goes through a huge process to recruit new members.  There are hundreds of thousands of ways to recruit, some ways work, some don’t, and some will surprise you!  Here are 10 ideas to help you through the next SWE recruitment:

1) Host an Open House: Open House’s are great, especially if you can host them with multiple clubs.  Talk to people walking by, hand out candy and flyers, dress up with club Swag!  Tell people why you love this organization!  Be excited!  Seeing members of an organization who are excited and fun are much more persuasive than members who are tired and shy.

2) Advertise: This is the obvious and traditional one, but you can put a twist on it to make it more fun and interesting.  Along with the usual posters and flyers, talk to a classroom, at another club meeting or through an email from your department chair or the dean of engineering!  Make it interactive!  Add QR codes that link to your club website or your email!  Think outside the box, what would make you excited to look up a club and learn more?

3) Bring A Friend: Encourage current members to bring a friend to the next meeting or event!  This way they can show their excitement for your club but also do stuff with a friend!

4) Host a Special Guest Day: Hold an event or a meeting where it’s specifically for potential members!  Hand out goodies and treats and have fun games they can play.  How much do they already know about your club?  What do they want to know?  Make it all about them!

5) Have a Most Friends Attend Reward Program: Create a competition!  Whoever can bring the most friends wins a prize!  Whether it’s old members, new members, or alumni!  Give everyone a chance to bring in as many people as they can!

6) Provide Food For Members!  Let’s be honest, college students love food, especially cheap food like pizza! Use this to your advantage!  If your club can afford the payment of a few pizzas, it will definitely be worth it!

7) Create a “Benefit of the Month” for New Members: Every month in a meeting or part of a meeting, explain a single benefit of membership.  This will show new members the reasons to stay and will spread it out so it makes them come back to see what else is in it for them!

8) Ask Alumni to Participate: Believe it or not, alumni have influence.  When people see alumni members returning to their university to speak for a certain organization, it’s a big deal!  If you have alum in the area, or someone who is willing to come back for a couple days, it could be great.  People want things they can have for a long time, and showing them that your organization doesn’t have to end with graduation is a fool-proof way of proving it is long-lasting!

9) Recognize New Members in a Newsletter or Club Meeting: People like being recognized, especially when they don’t have to do much to get it!  Recognize your new members in a monthly email or at a club meeting.  Introduce them to the group so others know who they are and encourage your officers to invite them into the group and make them feel welcome!

10) Participate in the Community: Possibly the greatest name to get noticed and get people interested in what you do is by doing things for others.  Do community service with local or well-known organizations, wear your swag!  Talk to people and encourage them to check out your website or ask other members for their opinions (make sure they say good things!)  People give back when they feel there is a reason and if you’ve helped something they care about, they are way more likely to take interest in helping you too! 🙂

Hope you found some helpful tips for your next recruitment effort.  Another source for you is “100 Ways to Recruit New Members” found here.  Check it out and expand your Section!

Good Luck!!


One thought on “Recruiting: How?

  1. Now that the year is almost halfway over, it’s getting harder to recruit (and even retain!) members. So, thank you for these ideas! I think we’ll try implementing the competition for bringing a friend. We also have a lot of alumni in the area that I’m sure would be willing to come and talk to our members. We could probably even make a social meeting out of it!

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