In order to advertise for our general body meetings, fundraisers, and events, our board sometimes sets up a table on Library Walk during an organization fair at the beginning of the quarter or just when we feel like it. We set up the SWE banner with many of our past years’ shirts and little trinkets, such as cups, mugs, pins, etc. We usually have many stacks of flyers that we are prepared to hand out as well. These flyers are either for the GBM or about SWE and its mission in general.

In order to recruit girls, we ask the ones walking by if they are science or engineering majors. To the ones who say yes, we tell them all about SWE, what we do, what events we hold, how we network with industry and academia, and the benefits of joining (social, professional, and academic). We usually get a lot of girls to sign up for the mailing list who actually come to the next meeting in this fashion, so we will continue doing this in the future!


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