The Bank of Knowledge

One benefit that is exclusive to SWE members at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is the SWE Test Bank. This is a compilation of tests and quizzes donated by members in recent years. They are stored in binders which are categorized by subject and stored on a special shelf in the SWE office. Any member may come in during in office hours and look at the tests.

This is a great resource for members because it helps them feel more prepared for finals and tests. Not only do the tests provide good questions for practice, but they are each labeled with the corresponding professor’s name so that members can see the style of their professor’s tests. This really helps prepare for a future quiz or final!

Every quarter, in the week before finals, a study session is held by SWE, and the tests are brought out for the use of those who attend. Member can enjoy a snack of donuts and coffee while flipping through the binders, looking for tests they can study. At least once if not twice a year, a test drive is held to increase the test bank: for two weeks to three weeks, members come by and drop off their old, unwanted tests by the SWE office and compete to see who turns in the most. The winner receives a free sweatshirt. This increases as well as updates the bank. This January, during our latest drive, we added 163 tests and quizzes of subjects ranging from Physics to Electrical Engineering classes.

As Academic Director of our SWE section, I am happy to have the privilege of maintaining this treasure of knowledge. With the proper care and organization, this can become a great resource for current members and those to come.



One thought on “The Bank of Knowledge

  1. I guess I’m just curious if you checked with faculty or school administration before you compiled these exams. The majority of our tests and assignments specify they are not for distribution and teachers clarify they shouldn’t be shared once the class is over. Is it only your club allowed to?

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