UCSD Engineering Overnight Stay Program

This is the second year that SWE has helped to host the Engineering Overnight Stay Program (ESOP) for admitted students. It’s hosted by 4 diversity engineering organizations on campus. Our aim for this program is to bring in underprivileged high school students (some of them are first generation college students), to showcase all the opportunities available to them to attend UCSD.

This program occurs during UCSD’s admission day. We extend it one extra night and day and have the students stay with undergraduates on campus for 2 nights and 3 days (including admission day). We plan a slew of talks with admissions officers, financial aid, professors, and more. But we also have them experience the fun parts of UCSD; we have a fair put on by all the engineering organizations on campus and have a movie and/or dance night.

Last year was the first year it was officially put on, and it was received with such enthusiasm that this year it has doubled in size! We’ll be having 80 admitted students come onto campus to partake in this program. Last but not least, this program is completely free to them!



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