UCSD Finals Study Jam

Last fall quarter, SWE joined forces with the two other diversity engineering organizations on campus (SHPE – Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and NSBE – National Society of Black Engineers) to host a study jam right before finals week.
In the weekend leading up to finals, we booked a room for 24 hours (8am Saturday until 8am Sunday), with at least one officer from each organization present at all times. We didn’t technically have the 12am-8am shift as an actual shift, but we had one brave officer who wanted to stay up all night regardless. There was a constant supply of snack foods (and pizza for dinner) and water. The atmosphere was fairly quiet as each person studied their own respective subject, but could get a little noisy as people would work together on homework problems. The idea for the study jam came from a lack of good study places on campus (as the libraries are usually full or dorm rooms are too noisy).
We got a lot of positive feedback from the members of each organization, saying that it was a good way to get effective studying done. It was especially helpful if a student found help from someone else in their class that they don’t normally talk to. We hope to continue this tradition in winter quarter, but it all depends if we can plan enough ahead of time, as it did require some planning work.

UCSD Study Jam


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