Ice Skating social

Written by Sandra Judith Hernandez

On the evening of January 24th, around 7:00 pm, a crowd of students gathered at the bus stop by Bourns, waiting by several cars. They were heading to Ice Town Riverside in order to participate in the annual Ice Skating Social hosted by SWE!

At the ice skating rink, some people paired up and skated; others struggled to keep their balance. There were about forty students there. It was nice getting together with other engineering students and to have to worry about keeping your balance rather than having to worry about grades and engineering homework.

We enjoyed our time with everyone who participated in this social event, both old and new faces. It was great having the support of so many different BCOE organizations. We were also excited to have the University of California – Irvine SWE chapter come out to the event. Thank you to everyone who came out and we hope everyone had a great time! Can’t wait for next year!

IceSkating1 IceSkating_GroupPhoto IceSkating


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