Let the SWE-ety Games Begin!

Written by Monica Marks

Friday February 7th, SWE hosted our first ever Hunger Games style SWE-ety Games in Winston Chung Hall. Twelve daring BCOE students volunteered as tributes, representing the districts from the series. The tributes were thrown into a ring of eager potential sponsors, each with the intention of sponsoring on the tribute that would win the games and bring eternal glory!

The sponsoring process was indescribable, similar only to the cutthroat fury of WAR. Some tributes offered dance moves and anecdotes to gain the attention of top-notch sponsors, while others planned to “bathe in the blood of their enemies”.

After all of the tributes gained sponsor representation, dinner commenced. Although the games had not yet begun, a competitive aura had filled the room. All were impatient for the life-threatening intensity the Games would bring.

One-by-one the tributes fell, leaving only tears of injustice behind them.

Overall, the event was a great success! Participants left happy and full of pasta, winners left with UCR mugs full of candy, and SWE left with the SWEet satisfaction of completing another successful event at BCOE.SWEETYGAMES SWEETYGAMES2 SWEETYGAMES1


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