Region B Regional Conference!

The FY14 Regional Conference for Region B was held in San Diego, California from Feb. 28th – March 2nd, 2014.  It was attended by over 500 professional and collegiate members in engineering.  The goal of this conference was to promote development and awareness of opportunities within the engineering community.  The conference started on Friday night with a Welcome Reception hosted by Solar Turbines and the San Diego professional and collegiate sections.  Attendees participated in get-to-know-you scavenger hunt and networked until the reception ended.

Saturday morning the conference started with breakfast and a keynote speaker. Jovita Jenkins, MBA, speech was “Stand Up, Step Out, and Soar” about taking hold of your choices and making the most of the conference and your career as a female engineer.  She encouraged everyone at the conference to meet new people, help others, and always step up to the challenge.  She is also the author of the highly acclaimed book, Get Out of Your Own Way – Create the Next Chapter of Your Life.

After the breakfast, there were over 30 workshops and breakout sessions on a variety of topics being held throughout the hotel from 9AM to 5:30PM.  Each session was assigned to a track; the six tracks being Collegiate, Collegiate/Graduate Student, Professional, Technical, and SWE Leadership.  Along with these sessions, a career fair was held with the 25 sponsoring companies.

Lunch was held with another keynote speaker, President of SWE and Manager of Caterpillar, Inc. Stacy DelVecchio spoke on the State of SWE, where we’ve been and the ideas and goals of the future for SWE and all women in the STEM fields.  After lunch more breakout sessions were held and the career fair continued.

Dinner also hosted a keynote speaker, Anne Shen Smith, Chairman and Executive Chief Officer of Southern California Gas Company. She discussed her rules of success and how to make it in the industry. At dinner the award winners of the Sonora Region were announced.

Sunday morning consisted of the Region Representatives gathering to discuss the Region B Goals, Updates and Announcements.  Overall, the Region Conference was a great networking event and a wonderful experience. Everyone had a great time and are very excited to continue with the next Region and Annual Conference!conf08 dscn1123 img_2076 img_9255 img_9289 img_9315 img_9343


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