Section Best Practices of March 2014: Budgeting/Fundraising

Where do you section’s funds come from?

  • U of A – Most funding comes from the College, fundraisers happen once a month by finding local restaurants to donate portions of their revenue and inviting people to attend.

When does your section create its budget and who is involved?

  • UCLA – Create the budget at the end of the school year so we can review what was spent and mainly the new and old president are involved.

What fundraising methods have worked for you and your section?  Which haven’t?

What Worked:

  • CSUN – Funding from the associated students organization on campus, they help pay for the use of facilities on campus.
  • U of NM – Bake sales in specific locations around campus.  Usually get a lot of donations and also sell t-shirts designed by our section’s members.
  • UCSD – Associated students finance board meetings.  We go to their meetings and explain what SWE does and how what we do and how us attending the conferences will benefit the college.  Also, our Engineering College donates and our SWE members return to their internship companies to ask for various donations and speakers.
  • CSLB – Host outreach events once a semester and give lunch bags to girls with any extra lunch bags sold to members or anyone else who’s interested.  We also have a candy store in our section office and sell candy and snacks to students at way lower prices then the rest of campus.  We usually make about $30/week and use the money for socials and events.

Advice for future fundraisers?

  • CSUN – Have a goal and a pitch to tell people.  Usually people are willing to buy and donate more if they know their money is really going to go to something worthwhile.

Have other ideas?  Post them here on the Blog!!


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