Dilpreet Kaur – SWEFL!

1)     Please give a little bit of background about yourself.


My name is Dilpreet Kaur and I’m a second year Chemical Engineering major at UC Santa Barbara. I serve as the local chapter’s Community Service chair and am looking forward to attending the SWE Region B Conference this February.

2)     How did you get interested in SWE?

I first found out about SWE when I was touring UCSB’s engineering program. I was immediately interested in joining SWE and went to the first general body meeting with a few friends. That night, I met such a unique group of girls who seemed so excited about engineering and working together to help support one another that I knew I wanted to be

more involved with this organization.

3)     Why do you think SWE is important?

SWE is important because it allows a safe, support environment that women in engineering can always turn to. We help one another through networking, collaboration, and even friendship. The beauty in SWE lies in the people who support the mission and I believe that as long as we keep recruiting amazing people to join SWE as the society has done in the past, the future of SWE looks very

bright. There will be more local chapters and SWE will be able to help a larger group of people.

4)     Where do you see yourself going in the next 5, 10, 30 years?

To be honest, I don’t have a clear plan for the next 5, 10, or 30 years. Hopefully 30 years from now I will have a family and a successful career in engineering or administration for an engineering firm. The next 5-10 years depend on whether or not I choose to pursue graduate school or I decide to enter industry. After a few more internships and research experiences, I hope my decision will be more clear, but until then I see myself enjoying college and continuing to be active in societies like SWE. I do see myself remaining a part of SWE after I graduate and hopefully I will be able to mentor young SWE members, like myself, when I’m more established.

5)     Now that you have been in SWE for a bit, what advice would you give new members of SWE?

A word of advice for new members of SWE: GET INVOLVED! There is very little SWE leaders can do to force members to be active outside of meetings, but the more people put into SWE, the more they will get out of it. If there is a leadership role, or someone needs help planning an event, make sure to get involved and learn what goes on behind the scenes. Also, check out the SWE website – there are always some interesting articles and webinars going on!


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