Refocusing SWE at Embry Riddle to Help Growth

In past years, the Society of Women Engineers at the Embry-Riddle campus has been pretty small. We have a small campus (roughly 1,800) and the membership always averaged about 7 regular members. In order to be a successful organization, ERAU SWE needed a change. This past year, the ERAU SWE Board revamped their mission and goals. Instead of focusing on planning events for the community, they first wanted the organization to focus on growing internally.

Along with having our first male ERAU SWE President, the organization also began sub-committees. The three main focuses of the organization had become: research, competition, and outreach. The majority of the members had joined the research or competition committees hoping to learn more in their areas of interest. This was extremely beneficial to the freshman, who would not normally be given hands-on experience until their junior years. By the end of last year, the organization 15 regular members.

FirstMeetingHaving these goals had helped the few members of SWE focus on areas of growth instead of trying to accomplish what large SWE organizations can achieve on large campuses. The ERAU SWE board believed that having an organization with clearly defined goals will then translate to being able to help the community. This can be seen by starting off the year strong with 30 students, both male and female, attending every meeting. While it may not be much to large campuses, to the small Embry-Riddle campus with time-consuming classes, this is a step in the right direction.


– Dadija Bliudzius, ERUA


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