Girl Scout Night Jr: Robots Rock! – U of U SWE

DSC_9675ODSC_9800n November 7, the University of Utah SWE hosted our second annual Girl Scout Night Jr!  This year’s theme for our Girl Scout nights is Robots Rock, exploring the wonderful world of robotics and the parts that make them.  Our four activities were programming robots, making magnetic motors, create a hydraulic arm, and exploring the world of aerodynamics.

75 girls and over 25 parents and troops leaders joined us for the evening.  We started with our traditional tabling in our lobby, with 7 different groups hosting tables on everything from mining to competition robots.  Two professional engineering societies also joined us: Greater Salt Lake SWE and Greater Salt Lake IEEE.

Girls absolutely enjoyed the event.  Many of the young girls said that they were now thinking about science and engineering, even if they hadn’t thought about it before.  The adults enjoyed the night too.  They loved the education on STEM activities at home, and enjoyed their take home information, like programming websites and borax for polymers.

All in all, it was a great event.  We are excited to continue working with the Girl Scouts, and look forward to many more years of events!


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