Preparing for WE14 at UC Riverside

1779739_863411173668972_2519628229987785212_n (1)Preparing for any type of conference or professional event can be stressful and overwhelming.

Just among the SWE officers alone, people were scrambling to finalize the details of their resumes, attire, travel plans, and goals for the conference. The primary objective, for most of the attendees, was to be successful at the career fair, which housed over 250 companies.

It is well known that people get hired at this conference for both internships and full-time positions—so the pressure was on. It is difficult not to go in with a definition of success dictated by the number of resumes recruiters keep or the number of business cards exchanged.

However, it is easy to find comfort in the fact that this conference will not be faced alone: there are many other people out there just as scared and nervous as you are.

So, if you plan to attend a conference any time soon, please note the following disclaimer.
Common side effects include but are not limited to: lack of sleep, excess coffee drinking, lapses in memory, and overall craziness. It is not recommended that conference attendees operate heavy machinery for expensive periods of time. Relying on cell phones can be quite unreliable and may prove counterproductive.

Good luck!

– Danielle Bacon, UC Riverside


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