Lunch with Advisors

SWE officers at UCR had lunch with faculty advisers on October 14th. It is a quarterly event happened in the beginning of every quarter that SWE officers can get opportunities to know more about our advisers by talking about our plans, goals, and achievements for the quarter while having lunch together.

Since it is the beginning of the school year, we were especially excited to introduce our new officers to our advisers and to share our summer experiences to each other. Some of us shared their wonderful internship experiences about what and how much they learned through their internships. Some of us talked about their summer classes. Then, we started discussing how SWE could get more members and help them academically and professionally, and our advisers encouraged us and sometimes gave us tips and advice to organize events or workshops. Our advisers especially liked Bourns Engineering Day which SWE’s biggest event of the year to encourage young girl scouts and kids to learn about science and engineering by demonstrating fun activities to them.

– Nikita Haridoss

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