Hot Topic – Using your break effectively

It’s winter break, and we sit at home, post-Christmas, ready for a break from family and find ourselves without homework or other engineering to do.  So, what can you do to improve yourself over break and to further yourself as an engineer?

  • Practice that foreign language you learned in high school.  Apps like Duolingo provide great practice and vocabulary review.  In our increasingly global world, another language can give you a leg up on the competition.
  • Apply for internships.  Many of the companies that didn’t have applications up in the fall release them in early January.
  • Update and polish your resume or CV.  Check out your school’s career service’s site for tips. Make sure to tweak your resume for each company you apply to, to show that you are a good candidate for the job.
  • Never interviewed before? Take advantage of after Christmas sales to expand your professional wardrobe.
  • Plan events for your SWE section.  With your classmate’s free time over break, this provides enough time to hammer out ideas for outreach or professional development events.
  • Prepare for next semester by relaxing. Take time to destress and enjoy your time off.  Rejuvenate and be ready for a fresh start for spring or winter semester.

Have a great winter break!


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