Cal Poly SLO’s SWE Office

SLO Swe officeAt the heart of Cal Poly SWE is our club office. Without this central meeting place for our members and officers, our section would be complete chaos! As you can see in this photo our Evening with Industry Committee is hard at work preparing for the upcoming event. Having a central point on campus for club activities helps us stay organized and be more inclusive with our members. The office is a great place to study, meet with groups, and store supplies for events. It is also home to our lovely Test Bank and all of our T-shirts and SWEatshirts (you see what I did there?). For meetings too small to even bother reserving a room, the office provides ample work space and productivity. We currently share the office space with 2 other college clubs: Engineering Ambassadors and Engineering Student Council. By sharing the space we can lower the cost of purchasing office supplies and furniture. For example, the conference table and chairs were split 3 ways and are utilized by the 3 clubs. If your section doesn’t have an office space already, I would highly suggest trying to get one. Work with your college administrators and adviser to see if there are any club- or “student activity”-allocated spaces. These are rooms on campus that are reserved for clubs and student activities only and cannot be utilized for staff or faculty. Most schools have this kind of set up. Best of luck setting up your campus headquarters!


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