It’s the Great Pumpkin, CharSWE Brown

Pumpkin patch picIt may not always feel like autumn in Riverside, so on November 2nd, SWE and EWB members visited a local pumpkin patch to get the fall vibes flowin’! Though it was the last day of the pumpkin patch, our large group kept things quite entertaining.

We started off the night navigating our way through a pitch-black corn maze. The darkness of the giant field, the eerie sound of rustling corn, and the uncertainty of what lurked around every corner made me regret watching the “Criminal Minds” marathon earlier that day. Following the hour-long corn maze session, the group split off to explore, take pictures, snack on delicious gummy worms, and visit the petting zoo. As we made our way into the petting zoo, we were bombarded with an army of goats who mistook our clothes, shoes, and fingers for feed. The goats took a special liking to the SWE and EWB presidents, using Brenda’s leg as a scratching post and munching on Alyssa’s long hair. Near closing time, we gathered to take group selfies on a mountain of hay and then decided, what better way to end the night than with In-N-Out! Though we all got lost at some point during the event, either on the road or in the maze, crossing “Visit a Pumpkin Patch” off our Autumn Bucket List was a refreshing and much needed break from studying and doing engineering homework. Thank you to everyone that came out!


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