Boba Tea House Fundraiser

The boba tea house fundraiser picSWE fun continued at the Boba House fundraiser following the last general meeting of the fall quarter, and what a great way to wrap up the semester! Being involved as your fellow SWE member was filled with moments that made my first quarter at UCR special; however, the Boba house was particularly enjoyable.

On the very raining night of December 3rd I cruised to Boba house, located conveniently on Blaine Street, in a very sleek and happy Volkswagen Beetle. The sound of rain outside generated a craving for hot milk tea flavored with cozy jasmine tea. Contrary to popular belief, cold boba tea is not the only delicious think on the Boba House menu. To complement the milk tea, fried popcorn chicken was ordered; although it is not recommended because your fellow SWE mate has a strange food palate. The Boba House provided delicious treats and a joyful environment for students, at a great price!

As I eagerly await my deep fried chicken I am presented with an opportunity to get to know the charismatic and friendly women of engineering across the table from me. Conversing occurred and chicken shared. Lenard the bee sat in the middle as we spoke of future plans and past happenings. Although the sense of finals was felt by quite neighboring tables’ vigoursly typing and writing, the Boba FUNdraiser was filled with relaxation and laughter before we head into the final weeks of fall 2014 quarter.


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