Ready Set Glow!

With the new year and the new quarter upon us, UC Riverside SWE, NSBE, and SHPE members had some friendly fun at the “Ready, Set, Glow!” social!  The night was filled with glow-stick themed active competitions at the A-I Knoll.

We began the night by playing capture the flag.  We divided into two teams, both trying to capture the glowing flag from the opposing team’s territory.  It was quite difficult, as we only had our glow sticks to illuminate the field.  We played the game twice, resulting in a tied score!  Afterwards, we broke out for some light refreshments, and picture-taking.

We then had a three-legged relay race.  We all paired up and our feet were tied to each others’ by glow-in-the-dark necklaces, creating even more of a challenge.  There were numerous obstacles to maneuver through as well.  To end the night, we played Duck, Duck, Goose, a timeless classic that brought back many childhood memories.

It was a very entertaining evening, and a perfect way to kick off the winter quarter!


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