Big/Little Sibling Picnic – Cal Poly SLO

UntitledCal Poly SWE hosted the Big / Little Sibling’s Picnic the Saturday after our first general meeting of Fall Quarter. This fun-filled event included pizza, drinks, and skittles to be used in one of the many ice breaker games. Freshmen, Transfers, and their Big Siblings arrived around noon and began to converse among each other as they enjoyed a slice or two of pizza.

Starting around 12:45, two officers led the group of 75 students in ice breaker games such as “Who Am I?” played with predetermined characters on a notecard. Each player asked others questions about their identity, in hopes of discovering who they were without actually looking at the notecard themselves. These games allowed the new students and their mentors an opportunity to meet other new freshmen and begin making friends and acquaintances outside of class.

After the ice breaker games, we offered one last activity for those who wished to stay slightly longer. Two groups of six or seven people went on a photo-scavenger hunt where they had to take pictures of their group with items around campus.

This event was a huge success and we definitely hope to hold this event again next year for our future Little Siblings.


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